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Charlotte maid services ensure bathroom sanitation

Making every room a hygienic one is what Charlotte maid services is all about. Creating a healthy space for the family is the vision of every home cleaning service provider. Bathroom, being one of the filthiest areas in your homes, should be cleaned properly to ensure not only a spotless space but also a germ-free area.

Tile grout, toilet stains, soap scum and mildew are some of the hardest bathroom issues every homemaker faces. Just imagine the terror that awaits every house guest upon entering a smelly bathroom. Even more horror stories come to those who are tasked to clean the grimy room. Eliminate the shudder your bathroom gives you with these simple tips from experts in providing maid services in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC.

Prevent mildew by having proper ventilation

Allowing the air to circulate in your bathrooms will prevent moisture build up, avoiding mildew from contaminating your bathroom tiles. Open the windows once in a while to encourage the flow of natural air and turn on exhaust fans while you shower to prevent trapping the steam inside.

Wash the shower curtains

You can have a fresh looking shower curtain just by tossing them in the spinner and washing them with warm water. Whether cotton, vinyl or synthetic, you can clean them up in a washing machine. However, if you prefer doing it by hand, you can just scrub the dirt away with bleach and a soft brush. Hang them immediately to dry.

Free the shower area of soap scum

Maid services eliminate soap scum with commercial cleaning agents but you can create a home-made cleaner consisting of vinegar and water. Spray your chosen solution to areas where soap scum has hardened and leave for a few minutes. Do not scrub using hard abrasive scrubbers to prevent the area from fading too soon. After the solution has seeped in, rinse with hot water.

Unclog your showerhead with vinegar. Yes, vinegar is your friend. Submerge the showerhead overnight in a bag of vinegar and scrub gently using a toothbrush the next day.

Scrub the toilet properly

Spend leisure time at your favorite serene place, the toilet. To properly wash the toilet, start from the inside out. Coat the toilet interior with thick cleaner and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Scrub it with a toilet scrubber and flush it down.

Work on the exterior with a rag soaked in disinfectant cleaner. Clean every surface including the base area, the flush handle and the bidet. Rinse thoroughly and wipe down excess water.

Your bathroom can be one of the most hygienic places in your Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC homes if only you know how to maintain its cleanliness. Do not wait for grout to build up or the musty smell to contaminate your homes before you start scrubbing things down. By having a sparkling bathroom, you ensure proper health to your family and guests.

If cleaning the bathroom seems to be a dirty job for you, book an appointment now with Gloria M’s Cleaning Services. They are one of the renowned maid services providers in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC. Have them keep your bathroom germ-free for you.


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