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Another reason to choose the best Charlotte janitorial services

Perhaps one of the biggest concerns of cleaning managers in facilities is the cleanliness of the restrooms. Before anything else, the first thing that anyone notices in a restroom is the smell. This is why it is very important for facilities to keep restrooms smelling fresh and from preventing odors from building up.

When customers, clients or patients enter your bathrooms, they expect them to be clean and be odor free, or have a pleasant fragrance. The entire feel of cleanliness of your entire office or medical practice could be judged by a smelly bathroom.  If you want to add fragrance to your bathroom, discuss this with your commercial cleaning services. There are different fragrances you can try- not every smell appeals to everyone, and a low perfume level is preferred by all- so that you don’t upset those that are asthmatic or allergic to airborne products.

Causes of restroom odor

Some restroom odors are temporary; while there are others that are ongoing. To address these odor issues, cleaning managers must figure out what the cause of the odor is in order to properly take care of it.

The usual culprit behind restroom odor is urine. According to specialists, what causes most urine-related odors is urine saturation in the tile grout. This is more common in men’s restrooms. One of the sure-fire ways to address this is to use a no-touch cleaning machine combined with products that eliminate odor. It is recommended to do this at least every quarter to make sure that odor does not build up.

If the urine-related odor issue keeps coming back, specialists recommend the use of an enzyme product with urease enzyme bacteria. For severe odor, the best practice is to wet the enzyme product completely, apply it, and then cover with rags overnight to prevent the solution from evaporating. It’s important to have a trained commercial cleaning service available to take care of these issues.

Another culprit behind restroom odors are floor drains. When the drains get dry, sewer gases leak into the restroom and cause a really nasty odor. To eliminate the odor and prevent it from reoccurring, mop the restroom floor with a disinfectant cleaner. If done daily, drains will not get dry and the disinfectant solution will keep the bacteria from growing in the drain.

Aside from these two methods, it is also recommended to have time-released deodorizers inside restrooms to keep these areas smelling fresh all the time. Trash must be regularly taken out and bins should be checked for leaks.

Using the best charlotte commercial cleaning services to prevent bathroom odors

To prevent unpleasant odor in restrooms, hire the best Charlotte janitorial service in town: Blue Ribbon Maintenance. Their cleaning technicians are knowledgeable and trained in keeping facilities sanitized and odor-free.


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