Finding janitorial services in Charlotte NC

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Finding janitorial services in Charlotte NC

Janitorial services in Charlotte NC can help keep your office and business establishment clean throughout the day. Your clients expect to see a clean business when they enter it, and you want to make a good first impression as soon as they walk in the door.  The key  is finding the right people, the right company who can provide great services and hassle-free transactions.

Checking the local bulletin boards

In many areas, there are bulletin boards where you can find advertisements about everything; sometimes you can find ads there for cleaning services in Charlotte NC. Of course, not all cleaning services do that, so you might still want to check other ad options so you can have more cleaners to choose from.

Checking online ads and websites

In this day and age, the internet is already considered a valuable tool that could replace many tried-and-tested methods of days past. So, in finding janitorial services in Charlotte NC, you could easily use major search engines such as Google to find the one that suits your needs and requirements.

Online ads are also quite useful, including those placed on social media sites such as Facebook. Just be careful to weed out the ones that look bogus.

Checking with your friends

More often than not, word of mouth is still the best form of advertisement a company could dream about. When it comes to cleaning services in Kannapolis NC, for example, you can ask your friends what company they are using in their store or clinic. If they trust and like their cleaners, then they would surely give you great advice so you can pick the same cleaners or opt for another one.

Checking reviews from strangers

Not all your friends hire janitorial services in Charlotte NC, of course, but the internet is full of people who have tried the services of these companies. Bloggers are also a good source of information these days, because they blog about what they experienced with a certain company.

So, you can easily check whether a certain company is able to fulfill its promises or whether they are all words but do little action.

Checking your intuition

Sometimes, people would swear that their gut feeling or intuition made them do something they would not have done otherwise. In choosing janitorial services in Kannapolis NC, you can also trust your intuition.

If you feel like the company you see on the web looks like scam and you found a lot of negative reviews about it, trust your gut feeling. Erase that particular cleaning company from your list. Look for another option. This could do you and your company a big favor; though you may not know it yet.

When it comes to janitorial services in Charlotte NC, you can trust Blue Ribbon Maintenance. Call them now for a quote or to schedule cleaning services.


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Avail of fantastic discounts from Blue Ribbon Maintenance

Whatever the nature of your business might be, whether you are managing a retail outlet or running a medical clinic or just about any kind of establishment, you need the services of a janitor. Even stores that focus on online trading and selling might be in need of cleaners to keep their stocks clean and in order. If you do not hire cleaners, you run the risk of spending hours cleaning your business establishment, instead of focusing on important tasks, such as taking care of clients and making plans to grow your business.

Thanks to Blue Ribbon Maintenance, you get to have a better, cleaner, healthier business establishment at discounted rates. This green company is offering great discounts to regular clients who will avail of cleaning services. You can get as much as $100 off a six-month contract or $200 off a yearly contract. You can use the money you saved for future cleaning jobs or for additional stocks – how you spend it is really up to you.

Let your trusted commercial cleaning company take care of the day-to-day cleaning, the trivial matters, while you focus on doing what you do best: satisfying your clientele, growing your company. After all, that is your main goal. Blue Ribbon Maintenance specializes in medical office cleaning, providing you and your patients with a safe environment. The cleaners can work in and out of the clinic, ensuring everything is thoroughly clean and free of contaminants and dirt.

You can rely on the company for deep cleaning of officer furnishings and equipment, spring cleaning, or regular jobs, such as keeping floors and walls clean.
Contact us for an appointment and avail of the huge discounts today.


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Kannapolis commercial cleaning services for business toilets

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Commercial cleaning services for better bathrooms

Commercial cleaning services can do a variety of jobs, including cleaning toilets in your Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC, office or clinic. First impressions are very important, and a visit to a dirty bathroom, will give your client a bad impression of you.

Take, the toilets for example:  First, start by thoroughly cleaning every inch of the toilet, starting from the top, down to the tiles below. You might be surprised how the space would look much brighter with spotless, gleaming tiles. For dirt and grime causing hard-to-remove spots on your tiles, use sandpaper (preferably a 100-grit sandpaper). Do not scrub too hard, however, because the rough portions can scratch the tiles. This is something you want to leave to a professional to do.

You might also want to consider painting the walls of the Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC, office toilets with a brighter color. A freshly painted bathroom gives the look of cleanliness and newness.

Adding storage space

Spaces above bathroom and toilet doors are often wasted; install a shelf or cabinet on these areas. Use it for seldom-used items, so you wouldn’t have to constantly reach for this high spot whenever you need something. You can hide cleaning items that you use, if you spot clean your toilet between visits from your commercial cleaner. You also want to keep extra soap, toilet paper and paper towels, so you don’t run out.

Another way to improve the look of the toilet is to add cabinets underneath the sinks, if you still don’t have those. Not only can this hide the unsightly pipes beneath the sink, a cabinet can also add more storage space to reduce clutter. This is ideal for storing cleaning items used by commercial cleaning services.

Cabinets stocked with toiletries

It would be quite embarrassing for your clients to go back to the reception area in search of toilet paper when the stocks have gotten low. Make sure to keep a stock of toiletries, especially tissue paper, in the newly built cabinets.

Janitorial services can assist you with keeping the cabinets stocked with a steady supply of toiletries and toilet paper.  Check with your commercial cleaning services to see if they have recommendations on where to purchase your supplies.

Keeping the office clean

A clean office gives a good impression to your clients. Contract with a Charlotte or Kannapolis professional cleaning service with a good reputation and reliable service. Your customers will feel more comfortable visiting and clean office.

For all your office and clinic cleaning needs in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC, contact Blue Ribbon Maintenance; with options available for maintenance services, commercial stripping and waxing, and commercial cleaning services. Blue Ribbon is your full service commercial cleaning service. Call now.


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Why maintenance services are important in Charlotte

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Why hire regular maintenance services

Maintenance services are important in ensuring you get the most out of your real property in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC, whether it is a private dwelling or business establishment. Buildings depreciate over time, but you can help prevent drastic changes and premature destruction by making sure that everything is in tiptop order on a daily basis.

Aside from hiring commercial office cleaning services, you should also look into hiring people to maintain the building and the items inside it. Make sure to have all air conditioning or heating units and ducts cleaned regularly. Regular cleaning removes allergens and helps prolong the life of these units. This also applies to all other appliances and electronic equipment inside the facility.

Well-maintained items are more efficient; not only do they get the work done well, they can also help you save electricity. Moreover, well-maintained items do not break down easily, prolonging their life and ensuring you do not have to spend a lot of money on replacements sooner than necessary.

Other areas to consider

Items/structures made of concrete, tiles, granite, or anything made of stone may be hard, but regular wear and tear can chip out parts or create unsightly scratches and cuts on the surface. Those exposed to humidity and moisture might even grow molds, mildew, moss, and algae. Janitorial services can clean these areas regularly to prevent these from happening.

Take care of your floors with commercial stripping and waxing services. It would do your Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC, home and office a lot of good if you have better-looking, clean floors.

Maintenance services are the people to call for anything you want fixed in and out the building. Rafters and gutters are often the ones that get a lot of battering from the wind, snow, and rain. At times, these could be clogged with leaves. Let the cleaners regularly check and clean these areas.

Drains and pipes also get clogged over time, making it harder for water to efficiently pass through. Although you might be able to declog those by yourself using lye solution, you might want to leave that to the maintenance services people, lest you create damage on the pipes or your beautiful sinks.

Adds value to your real estate

By keeping your real estate in perfect order, the money you pay for maintenance services actually goes a long way. Remember, people would think twice before buying or going inside buildings that look drab and falling apart. A well-maintained building can fetch a higher price at the real estate market if you plan on selling in the future.

With regular commercial cleaning services and maintenance, you do not have to worry about major breakdowns.

Let Blue Ribbon Maintenance keep your Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC, real estate in perfect order. Call them up for any questions regarding cleaning and maintenance services.


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Blue Ribbon Maintenance Now Accepts Credit Card Payments!

It is very important to keep your commercial space clean. However, some companies cannot afford the extra cost of hiring a stay-in janitor with a monthly pay. This is why hiring the services of professional cleaners who will come in only when you call them is the best option.

Blue Ribbon Maintenance was founded by Rohan Banton in 1992 and relaunched in 2012. The cleaning company offers commercial cleaning services, janitorial services, medical office cleaning and maintenance. They are also known for green cleaning, wherein cleaners use environmentally-friendly products and cleaning methods. They cater to clients in Charlotte, Belmont, Concord, Cornelius, Davidson, Fort Mill, Gastonia, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, Lake Norman and surrounding areas like Cabarrus County, Salisbury and Sun City.

Recently, the company launched a new payment method that will make transactions with clients much easier. Cleaners will now have a credit card swipe machine with them, on site, so clients can pay for Blue Ribbon Maintenance services with a credit card! With this new payment option, clients now have more options when hiring the services of these North Carolina professional cleaners.

To know more about the new payment mode, visit


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