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Excellent tips and tricks from maid services

Maid services have plenty of tricks and tips up their sleeves, to easily assist you in making your Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC, homes brighter and more cheerful.  A clean home is a happy home.

Of course, everyone has varying preferences but you can ask your Charlotte maids for ideas on what you can do to improve your home. You just might glean a valuable piece of advice you can apply to your home.

Most homes have shelves and cabinets for books, collections, and various items. Instead of covering your books in bright paper, jazz up the interior walls of the shelves. There are different ways to achieve this: you can paint the walls with cheerful colors or cover them with wallpaper.

Be careful with paint jobs

If you are planning to do painting tasks on your own, be careful. Maid services might be able to clean up the mess you leave behind, but if you make major mistakes while doing the job, you could end up spending a whole lot of money than you were prepared to shell out for updating your Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC, home.

For example, in choosing the right colors for the stuff you want to paint, make sure to consider all aspects, including the nearby items that could possibly clash with the colors. Cheerful prints are great, but a home with too many vibrant colors can be an eyesore, instead of providing the brighter atmosphere you wanted to achieve.

Consider small projects instead of large ones

Redecorating or updating your home can be an overwhelming task, especially if you do it yourself. One great option to make sure you follow through the projects is for you to chop up the big project into small ones.

For example, set a timeframe for one specific job or part of the home. You can opt to start with a major job, such as painting the walls and ceilings. After these large jobs, you can break down the rest of the project into smaller tasks. For the first week, paint the chairs in bright colors. On the second one, jazz up the cabinets and shelves.

Dedicate a separate week or two for your bathroom and another for your bedroom. If you wish to redesign patterns or change fabrics on furniture and beds, schedule those on the last week along with the finishing touches.

Make sure to let maid services clean up regularly, so as to keep the area tidy and to make sure no paint spots will damage your furnishings. A clean home will help you feel more relaxed and allow you and your family to enjoy your home without worrying about cleaning.

If you live in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC, call Gloria M’s Cleaning Services for cleaning jobs and maid services.


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