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Charlotte office spaces need the right maintenance and cleaning services for their flooring

Your Charlotte office flooring deserves regular cleaning and maintenance to keep its life longer and make it look presentable. Since your workspace is a home not only for you but also for your clients, keeping it sparkling is a necessity. Not only does this leave a good impression among your clients but also helps you perform better at work.

The importance of having the right flooring is not only for aesthetic reasons but also to minimize company expenses. Having the right material means giving the right treatment for your flooring too. If you are thinking of what to use for your space or how to maintain perfectly polished floors, read on for a few tips.

Hardwood floors

Hardwood flooring makes a space feel warm and cozy. On the other hand, this type of flooring requires intensive cleaning and proper handling because it can be easily damaged if not dealt with properly. To maintain the life of your hardwood floor, it is essential to use cleaning products without ammonia. Determining the type of finish is significant since not all wood floors are advisable to be cleaned with water and soap.

Carpeted floors

Carpets look sophisticated and functional, perfect to welcome high profile customers around the block. However, if you will not invest in a durable type of carpet, it can easily show wear and tear after some time of accommodating a number of foot traffic. Maintenance of commercial carpets requires vacuuming, low moisture encapsulation and hot water extraction as part of the regular cleaning method.

Tiled floors

Tiles are never out of style. Aside from the fact that it adds value to your Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC property, it is also low in maintenance and easy to install. Care and maintenance for tiled floors is as simple as wiping the spills, vacuuming the dirt, mopping and polishing the area with a commercial floor buffer. Most commercial space cleaners use a floor sealer to enhance protection and appearance of your floors. This also prolongs that shiny look and keeps it from scratches brought by several abrasive materials.

Laminated flooring

Options on how your laminated floors will look come in different varieties such as wood, stone and tile. Laminated floors are essentially durable and inexpensive. However, this is also prone to water damage if not handled properly. Simple sweeping and vacuuming is the way to keep it clean. Wipe spills immediately to avoid it being seeped in and damaging your floors.

Part of the overall look of your office is the properly selected flooring. Other than value and aesthetics, well-maintained flooring keeps your expenses at a minimum. It also brings out an attitude that leaves your clients impressed and coming back for more.

For an all around commercial cleaning service, call Blue Ribbon Maintenance to keep your workspace looking neat and impressive. Check out how many satisfied customers from Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC they have served and experience it yourself. Book an appointment now and show off a remarkable office space.


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