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Charlotte maid providers know how to keep your carpets spotless

Charlotte maid providers have enough knowledge about home cleaning that they are willing to share it to passionate homemakers. This knowledge includes not only proper cleaning but also removing stubborn stains and dirt. While your carpet makes your place look sophisticated, it might be one of the hardest to clean. The fibers can be damaged if you scrub it too much. On the other hand, you cannot be assured that the dust is totally removed if you will not clean it thoroughly.

Proper cleaning and treating of stains is necessary to ensure that your carpet is well taken care of. Below are some of the tips from maid service companies in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC on how you can keep your carpets spotless.

Vacuum the dust

Most maid service providers start the cleaning process by vacuuming the carpet. This is necessary to remove dry dirt and dust. Applying water will just smudge off the dirt and make it stick even more to the fine fibers of your rug. Maid cleaning services start off with dusting and vacuuming the carpets clean before applying necessary treatment.

Clean with detergent mixture

Deep cleaning is more than just removing the dust but also taking the lint off. To start this process, Charlotte maid companies advise you to mix detergent evenly with water. Make sure that the mixture does not contain too much detergent because it will be hard to remove the soap suds later on. Also, ensure that your cleaner is mixed well without granules left at the bottom of the container before you proceed.

Start deep cleaning with a soft towel dipped in your mixture. Dab this on a specific area after you have vacuumed it. With a lint collector, collect the dirt left off in your rug through soft brushing. After you have collected all the visible dirt, dab it with water to remove excess soapy solution. Do this several times until your carpet is completely free from soap.

Dry it off

After the thorough cleaning process, lay a clean towel on top of the wet area to dry it off completely. Rugs are more prone to dirt so you have to ensure total dryness before storing or using the carpet again. Vacuum it once more to make the fibers fluff back to life.

Blot out the stains, do not scrub

Do not scrub areas with stains but let it sit in your soap mixture for a few minutes before finally blotting it out with clean towel. Brushing will cause the stained area to enlarge because you just let the fibers get most of the stain through it. Treat it gently by using your soap mixture and some fresh towels to clean and dry it up.

Carpets are more than just regular rugs. They add sophistication to your homes in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC and keeps your place looking nothing but presentable. Cleaning such an investment is hard work; let professional maid services handle it for you.

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