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A Charlotte Cleaning Service will help with items you have been cleaning wrong. There are items and areas in the house that you are probably cleaning incorrectly and endangering you and your family. Below are some techniques and hacks that can shed new light on your cleaning routine. With these tips in mind, you are assured that your home and appliances will truly be clean and free from any harmful chemicals or organisms. Here are some tips for correctly cleaning your home.

An easier way to clean the blender

Many people will agree that cleaning the blender can be a hassle. Disassembling it means taking apart the blades and risking getting cut. Moreover, disassembling the blender often ends up in missing pieces, which can be frustrating.

The great news is, there is no need to get cut and lose blender pieces just to clean it. All you need to do is to remove the blender from the power port, rinse it as thoroughly as you can, fill it up with water then add a bit of soap. Close the lid, put it back on the power port then gives it a good whirl. Rinse it again and you are done. This will clean the blades and the container without you having to disassemble it.

Cleaning pet hair

Having pets around the house can be fun, but cleaning up after them is no fun at all. Pet owners usually try their best to keep pets off the couch or would use lint rollers to clean pet hair that sticks to furniture. This can be a hassle, and add stress, so to save yourself from running after your pet to make sure it does get cosy on the couch, just put on a wet rubber dish washing glove and run your hands over surfaces. Pet hair, lint and dust will stick right to it.

How to avoid scrubbing in the shower

There is no need to scrub the inside of your shower.  If you are trying to avoid cleaning the shower because it is too tiring and you do not want the dirt and grime sticking to your clothes, the best thing to do is to just remove all your clothes, hop into the tub or shower, and enjoy an intensive cleaning session! When you are done, you can get back in for a hot shower and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

How to clean Tupperware

Cleaning Tupperware, with food stuck to it can be frustrating. Try stuffing the container with crumpled newspaper then seal it. Leave it like that for a few days, remove the newspaper then rinse it again. The smell will most likely not be there after doing this technique.  Note, however, that it is advisable to replace your Tupperware when it gets too worn out.

Cleaning up wax spills

When you like lighting up candles around the house, wax spills are a likely occurrence. To remove wax spills that stuck to your fabric, try putting a brown paper bag (or a paper towel) on top of the wax spill then press down an iron on low heat. The paper will absorb the wax.

Proper ways to clean windows

Most of the time, people would just spray the windows and squeegee or wipe off the water with cloth. What homeowners should remember, however, is the best time to clean the windows are during cloudy days. Cleaning the windows on hot, sunny days will dry the water too fast and leave streaks.

Keep the fridge smelling fresh

A box of baking soda usually does the trick. But, you can also try to store new or used coffee grounds placed in a bowl. The awesome thing is you can keep it there for two months at a time to keep the fridge smelling fresh.

Hire a Charlotte cleaning Service

Ultimately, cleaning the house on a regular basis will keep it looking and smelling fresh all the time. If you do not have the time to clean the house regularly or if you are avoiding the whole idea of getting dirty, it is best to hire a Charlotte cleaning service.

Gloria M’s Cleaning is a trusted house cleaning service in Charlotte and surrounding areas. The nice thing is scheduling a house cleaner with them is hassle-free since you can just do it online. They also accept credit card payments and clients can pay the bill on site.


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