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If we asked you what is the place in your home that is most in need of Charlotte deep cleaning, what would you guess? If you are thinking it is the toilet or bathroom… you would be wrong. An actual scientific study reveals that the dirtiest place in your home is your kitchen sink. Deep cleaning your kitchen sink clean is an important part of keeping a healthy home. The reality is that your sink is teeming with all kinds of bacteria that can make your family sick. Your kitchen sink is a grand central station of dirty things. Not just dirty dishes and cooking utensils; everything from sour milk, to bacteria from raw meat, to slimy backwash from the dog’s water bowl. Kitchen sinks have been realized to carry a total bacteria count of more than 100,000 per square centimeter; and some of the worst kind such as E. coli, campylobacter, and salmonella. Whereas the average toilet seat carries less than 50 bacteria per square centimeter. We want to offer some tips to help you keep your kitchen sink clean.

Keeping your kitchen sink clean

  1. Make cleaning your sink daily routine.
  2. Clean your sink clean by adding dishwashing liquid to a bowl of warm water, use a clean sponge or cloth to scrub the sink to remove food and stains.
  3. Rinse with running water
  4. Do not use the sponge or cloth to wipe your counter tops, otherwise you are putting the bacteria you just washed off the sink onto your counter tops.
  5. Sanitize your sink 2 times per week.
  6. Use clean paper towels that have been soaked with a solution of 1 tablespoon bleach to 1 quart of water.
  7. Let the towels sit for 30 minutes, then discard them and rinse the sink with running water.
  8. Dry your sink with a paper towels after each use. Keeping the sink dry will help cut down on bacteria that can thrive in a warm, wet environment.
  9. Remember to wipe the faucet, faucet handle and drain stopper with the bleach solution. Check out our articles on green cleaning for natural cleaning options without the chemicals.

Sanitizing sponges and cloths

  1. Cut down on bacteria by sanitizing your kitchen sponge or dish cloth.
  2. Rinse them thoroughly, and then zap them in the microwave for 1 minute after each use.
  3. Allow the sponge or cloth to air dry before the next use.
  4. You can also run your sponge through the dishwashing cycle. Just throw the sponge into the dishwasher with the rest of the dirty dishes.
  5. Change your sponge several times per week because sponges break down after a few times through the dishwasher.
  6. Change dishcloths daily.

Professional cleaning services from Charlotte deep cleaning

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