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Seasonal cleaning

Getting your home for the holidays means finding a good holiday maid service. You want to find someone reliable to help clean up your home and get it neat and clean for guests and for you.  Finding a Charlotte cleaning service is an important part of the holidays.

Putting away the old

It’s time to put away things you aren’t using, or give them away.  Create a couple of boxes or bags. Separate items into things you want to keep, throw away or donate. Go from room to room, and find items to put into each container. Once you’ve got everything into the 3 bags- put the items you want to throw away in the trash and the giveaway items in the car for the next time you go to one of your donation locations.

Is it important enough to keep?

Sometimes we keep things because we are sentimental. Sometimes we keep things because we think we can reuse them or find another use for them. Items may pileup, unused and taking up precious space in your home.  If you haven’t used an item in a year- it’s time to give it away or throw it away. If you really aren’t sure- then put a box in a closet or the garage, and add items to this box. If you don’t remove something from the box in a year- then remove it from your home.

Charlotte cleaning services clean up your home

Having someone else come and clean up your home will also clean up your mind and spirit. When your home is cluttered, dirty and even just messy- it may cause you to have a cluttered mind. Your time is much better spent on other things. Have a professional house cleaning service come clean toilets, mop floors, vacuum, dust and make your home fresh and clean. You will be surprised how uncluttered, clean minded and fresh your brain will feel, once your home is fresh and clean.

Seasonal cleaning

Some people only use outside Charlotte maid services at the holidays. This is fine, because during the holidays you may have additional guests, more meals and more parties to prepare for. But, sometimes, once you have had a professional cleaning service in your home, you realize that the expense is well worth the time it takes to not be cleaning your own home, and you may decide to hire the maid services full time, to keep you home clean on a regular basis.

Find a reliable, well priced and hard working housecleaning service to come to your home every week, or every other week, and keep things clean, sanitary and clutter less. Instead of just a holiday treat, you can have an entire year of treating yourself, with a Charlotte maid service.

Contact Gloria M’s Cleaning in Charlotte, Kannapolis and Ballantyne today, to get a quote on cleaning your home.


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