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Mold and Charlotte house cleaning tips

I have had a few clients ask how does mold come to grow in the shower areas?  Why does mold grow here and how can I get rid of it, or at least, keep it down to a minimum? There are some very simple solutions to this.

Your exhaust fan is a key ingredient to keeping mold away. Most people don’t know the correct usage of an exhaust fan. It is in your bathroom to remove excess moisture. Some people think the exhaust fan is for taking out bad order or circulating air.

The risks of having mold in your bathroom

Mold really does pose a health risk. All molds, ever the non-toxic types that are in your shower, can make you sick. Non-toxic molds are the ones that are most likely to make you ill, because they are most common, says mold expert Jay Portnoy, MD, an allergist at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City.

There is evidence that all types of molds  have the potential to cause headaches, dizziness, allergic reactions, asthma attacks and even as simple as an allergic reactions or as scary as a lung infection.

Getting rid of the mold

The best way to stop the mold from getting worse or even showing up is to turn on the exhaust fan before you turn on the water for your shower or bath. The exhaust fan will remove any excess moisture from the air. Then, take a regular spray bottle. Combine five percent bleach and then fill the rest with water. You can choose the scent of bleach you prefer. Put the bottle in the corner of the shower and then enjoy your shower.

Also, put a squeegee in the shower with you, and have it ready for later. After taking a shower, you can squeegee the glass, if you have glass enclosures. Then spray your bleach combination bottle on the walls of the shower. Let it dry on the walls. Then you leave. If you do this every day, the mold should go away and also not return.

If you don’t have an exhaust fan in your bathroom, you can open a nearby window to have a similar effect on clearing the air. You may even want to consider installing an exhaust fan in your bathroom to prevent mold. Anytime there is excess moisture, anywhere in your house, mold can begin growing in less than 24 hours. So, make sure there isn’t any water backlogged or sitting anywhere in your house.

This is a simple Charlotte housekeeping tip to remove the mold from your shower and keep it away. Here at Gloria M’s Cleaning, we want to make keeping your house clean our passion and will be happy to answer any cleaning questions you have. Just email us at with your house cleaning question, and we will turn it in to a blog. Or, for the biggest time saver, give us a call and we will begin cleaning your house next week.


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