Best Charlotte NC house cleaning service gives you organization tips and tricks for getting back-to-school ready

Best Charlotte NC house cleaning services

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Charlotte house cleaning services are available to those who have homes in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC and who want to keep them clean and tidy during the school year. We know that you’re going to want to keep your home organized in-between cleaning visits, however, which is why we’ve put together a back-to-school organization guide to get your home ready for the upcoming school year. Having children in school can be messy. When kids get home from school, the last thing they want to do is neatly put away their belongings and tidy up around the house. Oftentimes, parents can get overwhelmed with the amount of clutter that steadily builds over time. To help prevent this from happening, here are some great tips to implement during the school year.

Keep your children’s school materials organized

Students come home from school with tons of papers and school supplies, and may not know what to do with them. Best Charlotte NC house cleaning services suggest creating a special place in their room where they can keep their school supplies. Also, make a filing system that divides any papers they may receive into two piles: papers that need immediate action, and papers that are informational. That way, when your little student comes home with papers, you know exactly where to put them. Get into the habit of organizing your children’s papers as soon as they come home so you don’t have to think about it later.

Create a customized storage system

Before the school year begins, Charlotte house cleaning services suggest clearing out your entryway and hallway closet space. Use a label maker to label each shelf showing exactly where your children need to put their belongings. Have racks designated to hold their backpacks, and coats, and racks to hold their shoes and accessories. By having an easy-to-follow organization system, your children will know exactly where to place their belongings when they get home from school.

Keep track of things on a dry erase board

Dry erase boards aren’t just for the classroom! Use one to draw out your family’s schedule during the week, and to create a chore chart for your children to complete. Charlotte house cleaning services suggest having a weekly family meeting to go over everything that needs to be accomplished that week, including household chores. This way, you’ll ensure that everyone is on the same page, and that everyone knows what to expect in the week ahead.

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