Charlotte house cleaning service suggests that you replace common items in your household how often?

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Charlotte house cleaning service suggests the regular replacement and/or cleaning of common items that can be found around the house. Depending on how often you use certain objects, such as kitchen sponges, or bath towels, you should replace them often, or once in a great while. If we keep using the same old dirty object, we can spread bacteria and viruses and be less efficient in our cleaning. Many of us want to get a lot of bang for our buck, so we typically try to hold onto things for as long as possible. However, we need to know when we can simply clean an object and keep using it, or when it is time to let go. Charlotte house cleaning services have come up with this simple guide to how often you should replace common household objects.

Objects you should clean or replace often (every week)

These objects are things that you use very often around the house, and therefore need to be cleaned or replaced every day or once a week. Charlotte house cleaning services suggest replacing your kitchen sponge once a week. The kitchen sponge can be the number one thing in the home that has the highest number of bacteria on it, and therefore it is a good idea to keep replacing it every single week. As far as what needs to be cleaned every week, bed sheets should be washed and dried once a week. Sheets need to be cleaned regularly for a number of reasons, the most major being that we can transmit dirt and dead skin cells to them as we sleep.

Objects you should clean or replace semi-regularly (every month to few months)

Charlotte house cleaning service suggests that the following objects should be cleaned or replaced on a semi-regular basis: shower loofahs should be replaced at least once a month, so that they do not acquire grime from the shower and transfer this to you as you’re showering. A tooth brush should be replaced every three months. Over time, tooth brush bristles can become worn down and frayed, which makes them less effective in cleaning your teeth. As far as cleaning goes, tv remotes should be wiped down and sanitized once a month, to ensure that you’re not transmitting germs or pathogens between family members. Trash cans should be cleaned every 2 months. Leakage from garbage bags and other smelly messes can make trash cans stinky and sticky. Cleaning them semi-regularly can solve this problem. Finally, clean the oven once every three months.

Objects you should clean or replace once every great while (many months to years)

Some objects don’t need to be replaced often. Charlotte house cleaning service says to replace bath towels once every two years, and mattresses once every seven years. These objects can be costly, so it is good that they don’t need to be replaced often.

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