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A gold mine in your attic

Charlotte house cleaning services can help you pull off one of the most popular summer activities. If you were thinking about a trip to the beach, we can help you free up time around the house to make that happen, but we are actually referring to a yard sale. There is a whole generation of people who believe that summer has not officially arrived until the yard sales spring up all over the city. Cleaning the attic is not all fun and games, but it can be if you treat it as an “archeological dig” through your family history. In addition, it is definitely an activity that will help improve your family’s health.

You will find the highest concentrations of dust, dander, mildew, molds, and vermin in the attic and the crawl space of your home. This could be a major contributor to your family’s breathing and allergy problems. Cleaning and remodeling the attic will enable you to add living space to your home, but first you must remove the allergens and irritants that continually seep into your main living areas through the heating and cooling systems, ceiling hatches, recessed lights, and electrical openings in the walls.

Basic attic cleaning

Cleaning the attic can be a hazardous project that requires common sense and protective equipment. For proper attic cleaning, you will need to vacuum the area with a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter vacuum cleaner. HEPA vacuum systems are designed to channel the vacuumed air through a filter that is designed to remove microscopic particles. Do not forget to vacuum or dust the walls, window frames, rafters, and ceiling. Even if these are finished surfaces, the lack of air circulation can lead to quite a collection of dust. Be sure to dust exposed roof trusses, ceiling fans, skylights, light bulbs, fixtures, hatches, and door frames. Wear gloves and a National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) mask, which is designed to filter a high percentage of airborne particles. If you suffer from asthma or severe allergies, it is best to hire a professional cleaning service to remove the debris and perform the cleaning.

Keeping your attic safe

After you have cleaned the attic, take steps to prevent mold growth, and to seal out insects and vermin. This is important because mold is growth of microorganisms from small roof leaks and moisture that seeps in behind old caulking. Walk around your home and through your attic to inspect your roof. Check windows for missing caulking or cracked panes. If you suspect mold infestation, call an indoor air quality professional to assess the situation.

Be aware that dust is not as innocuous as many people believe it to be. Those tiny dust particles floating in the air are comprised of dust mite parts, roach parts, and vermin dander. Dust contains proteins that can trigger allergic reactions. Take action to seal up tiny cracks and openings in your roof, walls, and windows. Make sure that you use mold resistant caulk, and polyurethane foam to seal attic air leaks, and to repair missing or broken ventilation screens under the eaves.

Professional spring cleaning services and Charlotte House cleaning services in Charlotte

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