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Here is another tip from one of the best Charlotte house cleaning services… be sure to clean your children’s bathtub toys. The bathroom is notorious for carrying and fostering bacteria, molds, and mildew. Nothing is exempt from contamination, including the bathtub toys. If your child is typical, they place everything in their mouths, including their toys. Every plastic, or bath tub toy is susceptible, especially those squeeze toys with the little holes in them.

The most serious problem

Of all the microbes that can make your family ill, mold tends to be the most serious threat. Molds are typically responsible for family members developing respiratory problems, allergies and a host of other health problems. While mold affects people of all ages, it can really be a threat to young children with weak or undeveloped immune systems. This does not mean that you have to toss out the toys once you see some greenish black spots. Consider our tips to clean bath toys.

  1. Boil the Toys

Periodically take the toys and boil them in hot water. Use tongs to squeeze out any of the mold from the insides. Let the toys cool and dry thoroughly before re-using.

  1. Use bleach if you can’t boil

This entails allowing the toys to soak in a bleach bath overnight. Pour ¾ cup of bleach into 1 gallon of water. Rinse the toys with clean, cool, water; then allow to air-dry. Once the bleach evaporates, you will be left with sanitized toys.

  1. Alternative for bleach

If you prefer not to use bleach, vinegar is an excellent alternative. Pour ½ cup of white vinegar into one gallon of water, and let the toys soak in this solution for about an hour. Scrub the toys once the mold is loose and then let them dry. If the toys still smell like vinegar, simply rinse and dry them before placing them back in the toy bin.

  1. Use the dishwasher

Placing bath toys in the dishwasher is a great way to sanitize and kill any germs or mold that may be growing on the toys.

  1. Storing your bath toys

Consider investing in a rack that will allow the water to drain from the toys. After baths, whenever possible, open a window for proper ventilation. Using fans and vents is also effective for dispersing moisture and humidity after the bath.

Sometimes the mold does not go away, in such cases, throw the toys out. It is better for your kids to play with new toys than to play with anything that can get them sick.

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