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Charlotte janitorial services know where to strategically place your office fixtures

Keeping your Charlotte office space clean and organized is the goal of all janitorial services provider. However, it is not all that there is. More than just cleaning, mopping and messing with the pests, janitors aim to keep your space conducive for working. By strategically placing your office furniture and equipment, they do not only help your space look better but they also prevent occasional accidents that might pose harm to employees.

If you visualize a workplace without your hired commercial cleaners, then you are doomed for health and professional risks. Check out the following items in your office that we rated as dangerous:

Xerox machine

It is not hidden that copy machines emit harmful chemicals in the process which are found to be toxic to the body. Not only that, these monstrous report multipliers can harm your eyes from too much light it generates while duplicating your files.

While it is absolutely necessary in the corporate world, the best way to secure the health of your employees is to take turns in using the copier. This way, no one will be at the frontlines of danger since exposure is only for a few minutes.


In the aisle, at the hallway, in the bathroom; they are basically everywhere!! Like a horror movie, floors follow you wherever you go. Or maybe they are already there before you think of even going somewhere. Well, whatever it is, floors can undeniably cause you harm. Tangled cords everywhere, slippery ones in the lobby, and chunks of dirt somewhere unseen; they can all put you at risk.

It is essential that your Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC cleaner knows how to properly organize the cords and label the wet floors to keep you from landing on your behind.

Cleaning agents

Potentially dangerous chemicals can sometimes hide under your necessities. Cleaning agents release chemicals that might test your body’s immune system and mess up with your indoor air quality.

While you cannot let your workspace look like trash, you can prevent harmful chemicals from entering your perimeter by hiring janitorial services that use the green cleaning method. It is a safer way to clean because it is good for your health, the environment and at the same time keeps your office spic-and-span.

Indeed, there is no spot of safety anywhere in this world. However, by carefully looking into details, you can still ensure wellness in your office. Strategically place filing cabinets, chairs and desks so it will not cause bumps among anyone. Keep the cords neatly placed under the tables by tying it securely. Label the wet floors properly and research about your commercial cleaners before giving then the job.

If you are looking for janitorial services in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC, Blue Ribbon Maintenance is the one for you. They are highly regarded for their green cleaning and high quality service. Contact them now and book an appointment to keep your office space well-maintained.


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