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Charlotte Maid avoids cross contamination while cleaning your home

At the end of the day, after several hours in the office or school or any other place, coming home gives everyone a sense of security and comfort. Usually, you let your guard down once inside your residence knowing there could be no other place safer. What you are usually not conscious or aware of is that you could be opening your door as well to germs from anywhere else. Everything you touch could be become microbe-infested and others who get in contact with the same surfaces and equipment could also help spread diseases around. This is called cross-contamination. With a Charlotte maid to keep your home neat and clean, it should not be a problem at all.

Without proper cleaning, germs stay at home

In schools, office buildings, health care facilities or any public place, it is easy to catch pathogens or disease-causing microorganisms. Not all of these locations take appropriate measures to control cross contamination. Since you could be in many places throughout the day, chances are that you or other members in the household can bring it to your home. You may even get germs without going anywhere. Bacteria, for example, can proliferate right in your sink and toilet and you could be unknowingly spreading it around. Do you even have time to address cross contamination without losing some quality time with your family? That’s why having a Charlotte maid do the cleaning for you can be more helpful than you realize.

What difference do house cleaning services make for your Charlotte home?

Though you may have the time to take care of this yourself, there’s always a chance of overlooking surfaces like doorknobs, stair rails, and refrigerator door handle. A Charlotte maid knows where the high risk areas are and how to prevent cross contamination by practicing the following techniques and more:

  • Identifying, removing and cleaning pollutants and germ breeding grounds
  • Using the right cleaning agents and materials that disinfect and clean without harming people and pets
  • Disposing waste properly
  • Using the latest technology and equipment
  • Maintaining cleanliness and sanitation by following an effective and efficient cleaning routine

Charlotte maid services are available weekly and bi-monthly on regular days, after parties and other occasions for higher traffic inside your home, and for seasonal house cleaning. You can also count on the help of your local provider for specific tasks as carpet cleaning, tile and wood floor cleaning, and pet hair removal.

Choosing the best Charlotte maid services provider can be quite tricky but you can always rely on provider experience and customer satisfaction to point you to the right direction. Check out what Gloria M’s Cleaning services has to offer for residents in Charlotte, Kannapolis, Cabarrus County, Sun City SC and surrounding area.


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