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Charlotte maid services are available to those who live in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC who want tidy homes and businesses. We understand that you also want a home that is sparkling clean in-between professional cleaning services, too. One of the most difficult places to clean in a home is the bedroom. The bedroom can quickly become cluttered with clothes and other things that you don’t have time to pick-up regularly. The bedroom is also an important room in the house since you’ll probably spend the most amount of time in it. We often times will leave our bedroom messy since guests most likely will not see it, but a clean bedroom means peace of mind. That being said, there are many ways that you can keep your bedroom clutter-free, and this Charlotte maid service guide will tell you just that.

The right supplies make a difference

Charlotte maid services suggest having the proper cleaning supplies for keeping your bedroom clean.

  • Acquire two baskets for your laundry. One of these baskets will be for clothes that you know for a fact are dirty, and the other will be for clutter that you can put away later.
  • Then get a large trash bag for any trash that you may have lying around. (You’ll be surprised how much garbage you may have in your bedroom!)
  • Grab a cloth and make it damp; this will be used to dust.
  • Then pull out your vacuum cleaner and change the bag or dump out the container before you need to use it.

Clean the bedroom step-by-step

Having a step-by-step process when cleaning your bedroom can save you time.

  • Charlotte maid services suggest first throwing out any garbage that you may see lying around your bedroom, and emptying your garbage can.
  • Then, pick up any pieces of clutter that may be in your bedroom, so that you can dust the tops of your furniture.
  • Make your bed and then begin folding any clothing that is not dirty, yet found its way to your floor, or a chair. Throw dirty clothes into a laundry basket as you’re doing so.
  • Finally, vacuum your carpet and add any finishing touches.

Miscellaneous tips for cleaning your bedroom

Charlotte maid services have these miscellaneous tips to keep in mind when you’re cleaning your bedroom.

  • Clean your room section by section to avoid becoming overwhelmed. If you take the project on a small bit at a time, you’ll be able to accomplish much more than if you are not focused and instead clean sporadically.
  • Don’t forget to check under your bed; plenty of times we can ignore this area and leave a lot of garbage and clutter here.
  • Make sure you take any items that have ended up in your bedroom, but belong other places, out and to their proper holding place.

Gloria M’s Cleaning Services – the charlotte maid service for you and your family

Charlotte maid services can help you keep your bedroom in order. Gloria M’s Cleaning serves the Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC area and offers both residential and commercial cleaning services. If you have a home or business property in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC and are in need of a professional cleaning service, call us today!


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