Best Charlotte NC maid services know how important it is to keep your windows sparkling clean

Best Charlotte NC maid services

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Charlotte maid services can help you keep your windows looking as clean as possible. Hiring a professional cleaning service is the best way to keep your home’s appearance looking spotless. However, we understand that you want to keep your windows looking clean in-between regular regular services, as well. This is why we’ve put together this all-inclusive guide on how you can best keep your windows looking shiny and clear-as-day. Charlotte maid services are experts in keeping your home clean, so let’s look at a few of these window cleaning tips.

How to get that streak-free shine

Charlotte maid services suggest making your own window cleaning solution, by using a couple of ingredients you no-doubt have on hand. Combine a bucket filled with warm water with a few drops of dish soap, and you have a window cleaning solution that will get the job done efficiently. Make sure not to add excessive amounts of soap, however, as this will cause your window to have streaks when you’re done cleaning. Then, you’re going to need to round up some equipment. We recommend using a sponge, a used rag, a squeegee, a cloth made out of microfiber, some vinegar, an old toothbrush, and a strong ladder.

The newspaper secret

Squeegees are great for making sure that you don’t leave behind streaks. However, a squeegee is big and bulky, and can be difficult to get into tiny crevices. When this is an issue, Best Charlotte NC maid services suggest using a bit of newspaper. Take the newspaper and crumple it up. Then, use it just as you would a squeegee. This way, you can fit into every spot, no matter how tight of a squeeze it may be, and you won’t cause any residue to be left on the window when you’re done cleaning.

It’s all in the technique

Charlotte maid services suggest using the following technique when cleaning your windows. First, it is important to only clean one window completely before starting on the next window. If you try to do multiple windows at once, your cleaning product will dry and will leave behind unattractive streaks. Take you sponge, soak it in the solution and then get rid of any excess liquid in the sponge. Moving your hand in a circular pattern, apply your sponge over the whole window. Then, take you squeegee and move it in the direction of left to right. When you’re done wiping with your squeegee, use your used rag to wipe the squeegee clean. Continue this technique over the entire window.

Gloria M’s Cleaning Services – a professional Charlotte maid service

Best Charlotte NC maid services know how to keep your windows clean. Gloria M’s Cleaning serves the Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC area and offers both residential and commercial cleaning services. If you have a home or business property in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC and are in need of a professional cleaning service, call us today!


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