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Charlotte maid services maintain a polished hardwood floor

Hardwood floors are among the hardest materials that Charlotte maid services deal with. Improper handling of these might result to fading or worse, chipping off of the wood. Several cleaning methods are done to create a lasting polished finish and to be able to keep your floors looking new for a long time, hiring trained cleaners is necessary.

Cleaning hardwood floors require familiarity with the material

The first thing maid services in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC do is to determine the kind of finish the flooring has before setting the necessary treatment. Surface sealed floors are all water-resistant making it the easiest one to clean. Varnish finished ones aren’t as durable as the surface sealed floors and can look better when waxed. Prefinished floors, on the other hand, are coated separately so gentle handling is needed to ensure that water won’t seep in the cracks.

Charlotte maid services use special cleaning agents

Ammonia-based cleaning products are a big no-no to hardwood floors, and so are scrubs and bleaches. These will remove the polish off of your floors and will result in discoloration. Maid services in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC use cleaners with a neutral ph-level to ensure that every surface is treated gently. With these products and the expertise of professionally trained maids, you can be assured of a lasting hardwood floor.

Simple tips in caring for newly cleaned floors

Though you have scheduled regular cleaning, it is also necessary to have enough knowledge in applying care and caution to your daily activities to prevent scratches, discoloration and wearing off of your floors.

Maid services encourage home owners to use rugs with cotton base since vinyl and rubber ones confine water underneath, damaging your floors really bad. Sunlight also causes discoloration, the best thing to do is to hang blinds or curtains and close them to prevent direct sunlight from hitting your floors. Drips and spills should be wiped clean immediately with a cloth or a paper towel to avoid stains.

In preventing scratches from marking your flooring, make sure you lift objects such as chairs, center tables and whatnot when trying to move them in a hardwood-floored living area. Since shoes travel everywhere, keep them off of your floors to ensure not only cleanliness but also prevention of scrapes. Cut the nails on the paws of your pets to protect your floor from unwanted scratches when they walk around. Better yet, keep them off your hardwood floors.

Hire trained maids to maintain your floors

Hardwood floors indeed look sophisticated in your homes but knowledge in cleaning these is essential if you want to prolong its life. Hiring well-trained maids to do the cleaning for you will provide you with decent looking homes.

Hiring maid services for your Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC homes ensure well-cleaned, gently treated and properly maintained floors. Call Gloria M’s Cleaning Services to book an appointment now. They are renowned service providers who guarantee customer satisfaction with every cleaning.


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