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Charlotte Maid services during flu season

The best Charlotte Maid services are on the front line to help you and your family avoid the cold and flu. The winter season has its own beauty and appeal for many, but few things can put a damper on the holiday season like a cold, or being down with the flu. Not only can your Charlotte Maid services be helpful in keeping your home when you are under the weather, they also can keep your home clean and sanitized to help decrease the chances of spreading germs once a family member is sick. Consider the number of ways that colds and flu can be spread through your home:

  • Contaminated heating and ventilation system
  • Germ laden counter tops and working surfaces
  • Contaminated toothbrush holders
  • Family members being infected at school or work
  • Visits from sick or infected house guests

The best Maid services in Charlotte and Kannapolis understand how germs are spread and will work hard to keep on top of germ-friendly places in your home. We want to remind you of some of the most common areas to consider during cold and flu season. Consider the following:

Toothbrush Holder

Virtually every area in the bathroom is a source for cold and flu, but the toothbrush holder is a communal source of growing bacteria. We often overlook it as a common way that germs are passed from a sick family member to a healthy one. Cleaning the toothbrush holder once or twice a week can help reduce the chance of spreading harmful germs.

Door knobs, sinks and counter tops

We often think of the sink as generally a clean place in the kitchen. After all, we wash the dishes and utensils in it. However, sinks and the faucet handles are crawling with bacteria that comes from people’s hands, contact with food, and bacteria. You may be surprised to learn that kitchen sinks and counters are usually more contaminated than the bathroom sink.

Coffee machines

Our favorite morning appliance is in reality, a damp, dark environment that is the perfect environment growing and passing on molds, mildews, and other bacterium. It is important that you clean out your coffee brewers every week.


Stove handles can be even worse than some doorknobs. In fact, the stove handles and burner knobs cab be worse than the kitchen sink. This is because we often handle raw foods and meats, and then we use our contaminated hands to operate the oven controls. The controls and handles of the microwave can be just as contaminated as stove handles and knobs.

Oven mitts

Oven mitts are dirty for the same reason as knobs and handles on the stove. Inside the mitts, we often place contaminated hands, and the outside of the mitts are exposed to foods and juices that can grow bacteria.

Professional Maid services in Charlotte and Kannapolis

Germs are a reality no matter how clean a home is. Gloria M’s Cleaning Services can help you to organize your home in a way that will keep the clutter to a minimum. Every home is unique, and that is why Gloria M’s Maid services are custom tailored to meet your cleaning and housekeeping needs. They offer free in-home consultations with flexibility in the frequency of home cleanings. If you are seeking safe and healthy solutions for your family, Gloria M’s cleaning services offers options for “green” cleaning services upon request. Call them today for Charlotte Maid services that you will find to be consistent and dependable.


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