Every business and home needs not only to be cleaned and regularly maintained but disinfected as well. How much more for health care facilities where people who are infected or unwell come and go? Charlotte medical offices, hospitals, long-term and acute care homes have cleaning standards that must be met. The choice of cleaning services provider can be crucial to daily operations in these facilities.

Here are two of the obvious but important reasons for hiring an efficient and effective provider of medical office cleaning services in Charlotte:

Keeping a medical office safe and clean boosts personnel productivity

A report on Harvard Review Business says that lost productivity has cost businesses in the United States over $150 billion. If influenza, H1N1, MRSA and the common cold viruses can work their way through business offices, schools and gyms, imagine how much exposure that medical offices get every single day of operation. This also means that medical personnel including doctors or dentists and their assistants, front liners in these facilities, are always at higher risk of contracting viruses and bacteria. Having clean floors, walls, chairs and desks to work on are as important to medical personnel as regular disinfection of medical apparatus and use of disposable medical supplies. Keeping personnel healthy and productive has a lot to do with giving them a clean and safe work environment.

Keeping your medical office clean and safe improves patient outcomes

Unlike customers who visit non-medical offices, clients or patients of a medical office are at higher risk of exposure to germs because of their health condition.  There are conditions causes by germs that take advantage of health already compromised by other diseases. Health professionals call these opportunistic infections.  Patients go to their doctors with the expectation that they will get well or their condition will improve or not get worse. Complications are not uncommon in medical offices and some of them may be partly due to exposure to virus and bacteria in an unclean and poorly maintained environment.

Charlotte medical office cleaning by providers such as Blue Ribbon Maintenance can help achieve higher productivity and good patient outcomes. With the use of proven and tested methods and products, these providers can make a difference to a medical office’s daily operations. These providers use hospital grade disinfectants and state-of-the-art cleaning equipment to keep the medical office environment clean and safe for personnel and patients. They do the job efficiently and effectively without using chemically-reactive and non-toxic cleaning materials. Visit Blue Ribbon Maintenance for more details of the range of services they provide.


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