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Commercial office cleaning checklist

Commercial office cleaning for your office in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC, is actually going to be much easier if there is a checklist the cleaners can go through to ensure that nothing is missed as they go about the tasks. This checklist can also help newly assigned cleaners.

In creating the commercial office cleaning checklist, consider grouping tasks together for added efficiency.

Start with daily tasks

Make a list of the tasks you need the commercial cleaning services to do on a daily basis. For example, start with the entrance or reception area of your Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC, office. The list could include these items: spot clean all glass, spot clean walls and painted surface, mop all hard floors with disinfectant, dust all horizontal surfaces, remove rubbish and replace bin liners, clean automatic doors inside and out, vacuum under all cushions, vacuum all carpets and mats, and remove cobwebs from front entry and immediate surrounding areas.

Work in specific areas

Janitorial services can clean the toilets and bathrooms more efficiently using a checklist which could include these items: clean and sanitize all basins, dust partitions, clean mirrors, wipe down door sills, clean toilets and urinals, empty rubbish bins and replace bin liners as required, stock soap and toiletries, and mop restroom floors with disinfectant.

As for the kitchen or office pantry, a checklist with these items could also be quite handy: sweep and mop the floor, spot clean windows and glass surfaces, wipe counters, clean microwave, wash coffee pots, clean sink, disinfect counters and sinks, and remove any cobwebs and dust light fixtures.

If there are still other areas that needed cleaning, add these to the list and create additional checklists of tasks the cleaners should regularly do.

Weekly and monthly tasks

There are tasks which can be done on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. These are often the ones that get forgotten because of the lack of regularity on scheduling. To improve that, assign specific tasks to a specific day. For example, the office’s refrigerator should be cleaned every Saturday or air vents should be vacuumed every Friday afternoon.

Now that the commercial office cleaning people have a checklist to follow, you are assured that nothing is missed when they clean each day.

You can also schedule commercial stripping and waxing as well as maintenance services on a monthly basis, choosing a specific day for these tasks to be done. For example, you can assign the first weekend of each month for waxing while air conditioning units should be cleaned on the second and fourth Saturdays.

At the end of the day, it is still up to you to specify which tasks the cleaners can do and when these jobs must be achieved.

In Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC, Blue Ribbon Maintenance can help you create the checklist and have this implemented to the meet all your commercial office cleaning needs. Call them now.


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