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Commercial office cleaning in Charlotte NC

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Commercial office cleaning by Gloria M’s Cleaning Services can help Charlotte, NC businesses make a good first impression and save owners time. Keeping an office clean can be a tough job. Depending on the type of work your office does, it can take a lot of time to clean desks and headphones as well as keep floors looking their best and windows streak free and shining. Not to mention the importance of a clean office can leave people stressed as it’s often the first thing visitors notice when they walk in. Let the professionals at Gloria M’s Cleaning Services help leave your office looking its best.

Commercial office cleaning entails a variety of unique services

Our commercial office cleaning services entail a variety of unique services that will leave your office shining. Trash removal, vacuuming, dusting, and mopping are often considered standard practice in offices, but at Gloria M’s Cleaning Services we offer so much more than that. We provide services that can clean your office from top to bottom.

We can help leave floors looking their best, no matter if they are carpeted, linoleum, or another type of flooring. Carpet cleaning can help remove stains from the office carpet and leave it looking like new while stripping and waxing hardwood and linoleum or tile flooring can leave floors sparkling.

We also can help sanitize your office space which can help stop the spread of germs at work. Let us disinfect your computers, keyboards, and phones, areas that are often missed or not cleaned regularly.

We also will clean areas most people can’t see. Ceiling fans, because they are often up high can easily build up dust and bugs often make their homes in lights. We’ll dust ceiling fans and debug lights for our clients as well. These little touches can make a big difference at the office.

You decide where and when we clean

When using our commercial office cleaning services, we work with you to determine a cleaning schedule that works best for you. Different types of offices need to be cleaned a different number of times each month. With biweekly, monthly, and weekly options, we’ll find the right schedule for you. We also understand the sensitive nature of many offices such as medical or law offices and will only clean the areas you ask us to.

Commercial office cleaning in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, NC businesses looking for a commercial office cleaning service should start their search with Gloria M’s Cleaning Services. We work with you to determine what your business needs to look its best. Be sure to contact us to see how we can help and to schedule your free week trial today.


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