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Why does my Charlotte house need deep cleaning?

It’s important to deep clean every inch of your home, at least twice a year. Deep cleaning means a full and detailed cleaning of every part of your home

The deep cleaning process

In every room, deep cleaning is important. The living room, for example; to deep clean- move the furniture and vacuum all the carpeted areas thoroughly. Vacuum inside the couch and chairs and remove any debris that has fallen in the cracks. If the room isn’t carpeted, or has sections that are not carpeted, sweep the entire area before mopping.     Use glass cleaning on pictures and frames. Remove all items on top of counters and tables. Dust and clean those surfaces as well as dust the items that were sitting on them.

To deep clean a bedroom- first sweep and mop or vacuum all areas on the room, including under the bed. Vacuum and turn the mattress. Dust and clean any pictures, along with their frames. Remove any items on top of tables and dust and clean them, along with cleaning and dusting the tables. Curtains should be removed and cleaned. The blinds should be dusted and cleaned in the bath tub.

Deep cleaning a bathroom is slightly different. To begin the deep cleaning of the bathroom- first clean and disinfect the toilet – inside and out. Clean the sinks and the bathroom cabinets. Clean the mirrors. Clean and disinfect the shower areas. Wash or replace the bath mats. The bathroom is a very important part of your home. Pay special attention to cleaning in this area.

Kitchen deep cleaning starts with the counters. Remove all items from the counter tops. Damp wipe the counter tops and also clean the items that were sitting on the countertops.  Clean the inside and the outside of the cabinet doors. Now for the stove. Clean the top of the stove, making sure to use the correct products for the type of stove you have.   . Remove the grates, if you have them, off of the top of the stove. Clean the inside of the stove.  Clean inside and outside of the refrigerator, along with behind the refrigerator. Clean and remove the curtains.

Most important aspects of deep cleaning your home

The two most important areas to clean in the deep cleaning process are the kitchen and the bathroom.   Both areas have the possibility of more germs than other areas of your home. The entire deep cleaning process should last about four to five hours. It’s important not to rush or miss anything.

Once the deep cleaning is done, twice a year, it’s easier to maintain the cleanliness of your home. Also, once you have removed the heavy dust, grim, dirt and grease- your home will feel lighter, smell wonderful and look great. I’ve had clients tell me they feel so much better once the deep cleaning is completed and feel like I’ve lightened their load on life. A cleaning home is easier to enjoy and live in. For those that work at home, a cleaner home is easier to concentrate, and work productively in.

Beautify and protect one of your most precious and important assets- your home. Contact Gloria M’s Cleaning today for a quote on deep cleaning your Charlotte area home.


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