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Deep cleaning of Charlotte commercial offices

When you hire a commercial cleaner, the first step they will want to take is to offer an initial deep cleaning of your commercial offices. It’s important not to skip this important and through cleaning.

commercial cleaning services, like Blue Ribbon Maintenance in Charlotte, deep clean to remove all the heavy dust, dirt and grim that gathers over the months. The goal of a commercial deep cleaning is to remove all this built up dust, dirt and grim, and also disinfect the office area.

Key areas in an initial deep office cleaning

Commercial office cleaning services begin the deep cleaning process by focusing on telephone receivers, including the numbers pad. This is an area that carries lots of germs and can make everyone in the office sick. Keyboards on computers are also germ filled areas and need to be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly. Bathrooms are another essential area to give time and detail for the deep cleaning, along with any shared kitchen areas of an office.  Starting with a deep cleaning is the right way to begin services with a janitorial service. Once the office is deep cleaned, it’s easier to maintain and keep clean on a daily basis.

Process of an initial office cleaning

Janitorial services usually begin be removing all the furniture- or moving it to another area so that all floor areas can be swept, mopped and vacuumed.   Our commercial cleaning team kindly asks that you clear as much personal items off your desks as possible. We will then disinfect all desk top areas, all keyboards, and phone parts.

In the bathrooms, our commercial janitorial services clean all toilets, inside and out, and disinfect them. Walls are cleaned. Floors are damp wiped or moped, or vacuumed.

In the office areas all glass is cleaned, including entry doors. There is dusting- high and low. We debug and clean all light fixtures in the office areas.

If you have a kitchen area in your office- the counter tops are cleaned and disinfected. All cabinet doors are damp wiped inside and out. If you have a refrigerator- it is also cleaned inside and outside.

Other areas covered include an A/C return- filters are removed and cleaned, clean and dust the outer cases, replace the filters if needed. We will replace light bulbs when needed.

We recommend getting commercial cleaners to do a deep clean at least twice a year.   Regular cleanings can be done weekly, or if you need medical office cleaning, daily cleanings can be done. The high and low dusting additional services are recommended on a monthly basis.

To keep your office clean, and your employees and customers healthy, invest in a quality commercial office cleaning service, such as Blue Ribbon Maintenance, serving Charlotte NC and surrounding areas.



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