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Deep cleaning

You want to keep your home cleaned all of the time, but every week, or every day, you don’t have time for a really through job of cleaning- called deep cleaning.

Declutter before you deep clean

It is important to clear out the clutter and excess stuff before deep cleaning. If you have unneeded items out on the counters and floor, it makes deep cleaning much more difficult.

Cleaning in unexpected places

Deep cleaning means moving furniture away from the wall; then dusting and vacuuming under it. You may want to take down curtains and drapes and have them cleaned. Windows are also an area to get some extra attention during a deep cleaning. Blinds should also be individually cleaned. Normally, you will not make time to clean blinds, but it is important to clean each individual blind at least twice a year. Doing so for the holidays or changing of the seasons is a good time to remember to clean your blinds. Also, do not forget the window sills.

Carpet cleaning is also part of deep cleaning. You don’t want to have your carpets cleaned every week, or even every month. Carpet cleaning involves a lot of chemicals and also some stress to the carpet. But an annual deep clean could involve cleaning your carpets.

Deep cleaning the kitchen

Once a year, it’s time to really clean out the refrigerator and wipe down all the surfaces. This is a good time to clean your oven too, and completely clean out any burnt items or particles left in the oven.  If you have a self- cleaning oven- set the switch and follow the instructions. If you do not, once your oven is cleaned out, line it with aluminum foil to prevent future spills and burns.

Cabinets, shelves and drawers can all be opened and wiped down. This is a great time to straighten up things and get organized for the year. Deep cleaning is a great time to remember what items you have in your kitchen and what you don’t use regularly. You may even consider donating some small appliances that you do not use.

Deep cleaning bedrooms

Wipe down all bed posts and vacuum, mop or sweep under beds.  Turn mattresses over, flip and turn, at least once a year.

Light fixtures and Fans

Light fixtures and the ceiling fans should be part of your deep cleaning. You can use a ladder to reach high mounted lights and fans. Be careful when you wipe the dust, it may have accumulated into large amounts. You will need a slightly damp microfiber cloth. You may also be able to take down some light fixtures and wash them, instead of dusting. Then remount them once they are clean. Check to see if new light bulbs are also needed at this time, since you have already done the main work by climbing up to reach the fixtures.

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