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Remember that sparkle?

Deep cleaning light fixtures is an extremely important part of cleaning your home. We can assure you that light fixtures and chandeliers are part of the allure and beauty of every home. Beyond amplifying lighting, light fixtures add personality and style to common areas, dining rooms, and bathrooms. The only problem is that they get dirty in a very short period of time. If they are not cleaned regularly, they will become dusty, grungy, and bug laden. You should clean your chandeliers and light fixtures frequently, at least every 60 days.

Safety is the highest priority

The initial step for removing and deep cleaning light fixtures is to place a drop cloth on the floor underneath the light fixture. If you do not, lots of dust and bugs will fall on whatever is under it. Be sure to use a weight appropriate step-ladder, with a stable and broad base. Place the ladder just to the left or right of the fixture, depending upon your dominant hand, so that you will have room to move around a while you are cleaning or taking the fixture down. Use a ladder whenever possible, refrain from standing on tables or counter tops to clean light fixtures. Even if they are situated over kitchen islands and counters. Before you start cleaning, observe each fixture to memorize how it is fastened and constructed. Try to determine if you can remove parts, or if you need to take down the entire fixture. If you can remove the globes and smaller parts, it is safest to bring them down and to work on a stable surface, or stand on the floor and clean them.

Deep cleaning the fixtures

Most glass and plastic fixtures can be easily cleaned by using a mild detergent in water, and a soft cloth. Clean all sides of the removable pieces, and rinse them thoroughly. Allow them to air dry, or wipe with a dry microfiber cloth. The next step is to clean the rest of the fixture. You can either detach it from the ceiling, or you can stand on the ladder and clean it where it is attached to the ceiling. Use a lamb’s wool duster to remove dust from hanging fixtures. Take your time and work as thoroughly as possible, even dusting swag electrical cords. Use a Microfiber towel or duster to clean ornate areas on chandeliers. Use special care when wiping down the light bulbs. While you are up on the ladder, check to make sure that all the light bulbs are working before you re-attach any globes or covers. After everything is completely dry, re-attach the parts and fixtures. When you are finished, your home will appear brighter and cleaner because all your light fixtures will look as good as new.

Professional spring cleaning services in Charlotte

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