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Tips for locating the best janitorial service for your company

It’s important to keep your company, business or medical practice as clean as possible. Patients, clients and prospective customers will immediately judge you by the cleanliness of your office. It’s important to do your research and find the best maintenance for your office cleaning.

Using local review sites

You can use your computer to find out more about local janitorial services.  Use the search engines for your research, by putting in words like Charlotte’s best janitorial services, or office cleaning services. Or put in specific names of companies that your friends, family and colleagues have recommended.

You can find many different sites offering 3rd party reviews:

There are also sites that require payment to be on them. Be a little more careful with these, because when companies pay to be on their sites, they get more exposure (show up at the top of the search or page) and also some have found that the more positive reviews are visible and sometimes the negative reviews are missing or pushed down in the search engines, when they pay a fee.) The ones to watch out for, and not trust as much are Yelp, Angie’s List,, so do not expect a truly impartial reviewing of companies on these sites.
The Better Business Bureau is a great way to research accompany.  Look at their ratings, along with any negative comments or experiences. Has the company resolved all complaints?  What is their current rating on the BBB?

Charlotte maintenance services can be found on Social Media

Social media is becoming more and more popular. We used to use the Yellow Pages or ask colleagues about where to get our office cleaned; now it’s very common to go to social media- such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube to learn about a prospective office cleaning service.

You can even ask colleagues by posting on these accounts, or asking your LinkedIn group members who they recommend to do office cleaning. It has become more and more common to see businesses listed in various social media venues, and people regularly asking each other, on social media sites, what businesses they recommend.  You can locate a Charlotte janitorial service, easily, on many of the social media platforms, and find out more about this company by reading the comments on their page.

Green cleaning

Some janitorial services don’t care about what type of cleaning chemicals that they use. Some chemicals are bad for the environment and the smells are bad for you and your employees. Check to see if your office cleaning service offers green or environmentally safe cleaning.   Some chemicals can cause increases in changes of cancer, allergic reactions and decrease in immunities

Check out Blue Ribbon Maintenance in Charlotte, Kannapolis and surrounding areas, to get the best office cleaning services for your business.  Call them today.


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