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Tips for locating a great house cleaning service

Having someone else clean your house is a luxury that’s definitely worth the expense. The time and worry you save when someone else cleans your home is well worth the cost.  But, finding the best house cleaning service in Charlotte, Kannapolis and surrounding areas is sometimes a little more difficult.

Use the search engines to look for local maid services. Research their website and learn more about them. Read testimonials on the site, and read what others say about them. Now go to the BBB (the Better Business Bureau) and look at their rankings. Are there any negative comments written about a certain house cleaning service?  How does the business owner handle the complaint?  Was it resolved? What are their current ratings in the BBB?

Go to offsite citations and look for more information. You can find a lot about a company looking at Merchant Circle, Hot Frog and others. Read the 3rd party reviews. It’s also important to see how the company handled the complaint and responded to it. Do understand, though, that certain companies like Yelp, and Angie’s List favor those who pay them- so do not expect a truly impartial reviewing of these companies on websites who favor those who pay to show up better in their listings.

Searching social media for a Charlotte’s best maid services

Social media is a great way to learn more about a company. Going to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube are very helpful ways to expand your research on a local maid.  Also talk to your local friends and co-workers. It is very common to see a posting on Facebook or Twitter asking who you recommend as a maid service to clean my house.  Once you find a good housecleaning service, it is also good for you to post your experiences on social media so that you can help your friends, family and co-workers find the right maid, too.

What services are provided by the local house cleaning service?

Decide what you need in a local maid.  Do you need regular weekly services, or only a couple of times a month? If you need someone more than once a week, you may need to hire someone individually, and not go through a service. Do you need blinds cleaned or carpets cleaned? Not all housecleaning services will do these tasks- so it’s important to figure out what you need so you can determine who can best meet those housecleaning needs.

Will they clean a house with pets? What if you are not at home? What arrangements can be made to get your home cleaned, if you are not available?  Finding the best Charlotte maid service for your home will result in the best house cleaning possible for you and your family and definitely take a huge load of worry from your day, knowing your home will be clean and sanitary.

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