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Helpful tips from cleaning services in Charlotte NC

Cleaning services in Charlotte NC are well versed with the job of cleaning small or large items in your office or medical clinic. Keep your office clean and bright by hiring janitors to do the job, so you can focus on keeping your clients pleased.

In the office, your clients often take notice of the items inside while they are waiting for their turn. It is important that you give them a great impression. Unsightly items should be hidden from sight. Make sure to keep your office space clutter-free because too much clutter does not really impress them into thinking just how busy you are but make them think you are sloppy.

When thinking about hiring cleaning services in Kannapolis,NC, you should also consider which areas you want them to focus on. We suggest that you also make a checklist of what they have to do. Add cleaning the furnishings to this To Do List.

Cleaning wood furnishings

Instruct janitorial services in Charlotte NC to keep the wood furnishings clean in your office. This is actually quite easy to do, especially if done on a regular basis. Using a soft cloth, you can dust the dirt from the furnishings. A damp cloth would be a good option because this will remove the dust, not just move it around, but you have to make sure not to use too much water as that could cause wood furnishings to warp or crack.

From time to time, you can let cleaning services in Charlotte NC rub some oil unto the wood furnishings to keep these polished. Use furniture oil or a mixture of turpentine and linseed oil.

Cleaning plastic furnishings

Do not use harsh and hard cleaning materials on plastic furnishings because the chemicals could cause irreversible damage. Soap and water can be used to remove stubborn dirt but a damp piece of cloth would often suffice if the furnishings are regularly kept clean.

Cleaning metal or aluminum furnishings

In cleaning aluminum and metal furnishings, be careful not to place the container with your cleaning solution on top of the furnishings because these could create unsightly ring marks. Soap and water could also be used on these furnishings but you might want to ensure that you wipe along the material’s grain.

Cleaning upholstered furnishings

This is quite tricky, especially if the top material could not be removed for cleaning. You can actually have a cover sewn for these furnishings to make them last longer and to keep the outside cleaner, better looking because you can just remove these covers and have these washed.

Make sure janitorial services in Kannapolis NC keep your upholstered furnishings cleaned regularly. A brush can be used to remove loose dirt and dust. This you can also achieve using a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment.

Wash off stubborn dirt using soap and water but make sure not to make the furnishings too damp else the water soaks up the foam inside. Your clients will not appreciate it if their clothes get wet because of your damp furnishings.

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