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General cleaning tips from janitorial services Kannapolis NC

janitorial services in Kannapolis NC in Kannapolis NC provide great services to ensure that your office and clinic are kept clean and organized. This allows you to focus more on your work, on keeping your clients satisfied, rather than worrying about how your office appears.

Using the right tools

It could not be denied that the right cleaning tools can get the job done easily and with better results. Cleaning services in Charlotte NC surely are experts on the job, so they already know what stuff to use and which ones are more effective than the others.

For most cleaning activities, soap and water would suffice but you might want to experiment on the type of cloth to use. Microfiber cloth is an excellent option because it does not add lint to your furnishings. Sponge is also perfect for areas that you need to wet with water; the material can also absorb excess water back.

Though not considered a cleaning tool per se, a ladder can surely come handy in cleaning hard-to-reach areas, such as moldings between the ceiling and the walls, hanging fixtures, and top shelves of cabinets and drawers. Ask help from cleaning services in Kannapolis NC for complicated cleaning jobs.

Cleaning from top from bottom

Janitorial services in Kannapolis NC will tell you that it is important to clean from top to bottom if you do not want to repeat the job at the lower portions. Make sure to dust and clean the ceiling, moldings, and top shelves before moving to the middle and lower parts.

If there are plenty of items that you could not move from the ground, cover then with a plastic sheet or thin blanket while you clean the upper portions. Use a damp piece of cloth for cleaning windows and dusty areas so the dust will not simply lift to the air while you clean, then settle back after a few minutes. Another option is to dust these areas then follow with a vacuum cleaner for a thorough clean.

Taking care of bottom shelves and floors

Now that the upper areas are clean, you can proceed with the bottom shelves and the floors. It is time to remove the protective covering from the tables and furnishings. Dust these areas and vacuum as you go.

When mopping the floor, it is a good idea to first sweep then vacuum before using the mop to prevent dust and dirt from being just pushed around and settling down on the grout on tiled floors. If the floors are made of wood, janitorial services Charlotte NC can also help you wax and polish these areas to keep their luster and shine.

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