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Choosing a Charlotte Maid Service to clean your home

There are many maid services in the Charlotte and Kannapolis area. Sometimes it seems like there are so many maids and house cleaning services, it doesn’t really matter which one you choose. But, there are individual maids, large house cleaning services and smaller cleaning services.

Characteristics of a quality maid service

It’s important to remember the primary characteristics of a quality Charlotte maid service.

  • Reliable
  • Green Cleaning or Eco-friendly cleaning
  • Skilled and Trained
  • Comes with excellent references

How to keep your home clean between cleanings- and have a clutter free home

Clutter can easily build up in the house, most especially on busy days. All homeowners know how hard and tiring it is to go to every room just to de-clutter. This is the reason why most households just leave the clutter and let it build up daily. The problem with leaving it be is that the clutter will most likely build up. It’s important to have a daily regime to keep your house picked up, and not let the clutter accumulate.

What homeowners can do to avoid clutter in the first place is to enforce a 10-minute pick up time on a daily basis. This rule is very simple that even children can do it!

Learn more about this 10 minute rule: all you need to do is to prepare a big bucket, a basket or a box and go around the house to pick up all the clutter then put the items back to their proper places. Do this every morning and in the evening and you will soon find keeping your home clutter free is so much easier.  With less items in the wrong place, you are less likely to lose your keys, your purse, or your kid’s homework. Having a clutter free home also helps you feel more relaxed and you can take a deep breath, not a deep sigh, when you enter your home.

Keeping a home smelling fresh all the time

Between cleanings of your Charlotte maid service, here are tips to keep your home smelling fresh and clean.  With the windows shut and the heater on most of the time, the air inside the house will start to feel dry and musty.  You may want to open the window and let some of the spring air in, but this also lets in the allergens and pollen that may affect you, your children and pets.

If you want to improve your home’s air quality, you can start by vacuuming under the heater grates on your floors where there is usually a build-up of dust, pet hair and debris. It would help to dust the blades of your fans too to reduce the dust floating around the house. You will also be surprised at how much dust and dirt that your drapes can accumulate. Dust your drapes to remove all the filth.

Get fresh air and less clutter with a Charlotte Maid service

If you do not have the time to do all these things, you can always hire the help of a home cleaning service in Charlotte like Gloria M’s Cleaning. These service providers have skilled cleaning technicians that will make sure there is no dirt and grime left in your house after the clean-up.


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