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House cleaning in Charlotte NC provides you with great tips to apply at home for getting rid of pests. Those pesky little bugs and ants can surely be a nuisance; not to mention being an unsightly sight inside your home. No one likes to see dead bugs laying around the house.  Try these tips for a better, bug-and-pest-free home.

Keep the home clean

This is a no-brainer, really. The more you keep your home clean, the less chance these pests will get inside to bother you. For example, ants are attracted to food, including small crumbs that fall on the tables and the floor. By sweeping or vacuuming after a spill, or cleaning up after eating, there is lesser chance of ants bothering your home.

Of course, these pesky little busy workers could make life difficult for you, because they could really find a way to bother your home no matter how clean it is. Ask cleaning services in Charlotte NC for assistance in determine how best you can stop these ants.

Use the right protection

For house cleaning in Charlotte NC, you can actually make use of natural items as protection against these bugs and pests.  Bay leaves, garlic powder, and fresh cucumbers are natural roach repellent. Place them around the house.  Ants are turned off by the scent of talcum powder, cinnamon, black pepper, and cayenne powder. Sprinkle these along the ants’ paths to keep them out. One great option is to sprinkle these around the cracks formed between the floor and the walls. Make sure to replenish from time to time.

Warning: if there are young children at home, you might want to find other options to use instead of these possible choking hazards.

Use plants and candles

A number of plants are great as repellent for bugs and pests. You can grow rosemary herbs and lemon grass in pots inside your home. These plants are great at repelling mosquitos and other bugs. These should come especially during summer.

Candles and scented material are also great as deterrent for bugs and flies. Light up scented candles, incense sticks, or special citronella candles to keep bugs away, especially at dusk. Just make sure to keep these candles away from the reach of children and do not leave them unattended.

You can place the candles close to windows as long as there are no curtains or other material that could later catch fire.

Make sure to ask house cleaning in Charlotte NC for other tips to ensure you can get rid of bugs, ants, and other pests around the house.

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