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Cleaning tips from maid services in Charlotte NC

Maid services in Charlotte NC who have extensive experience in the field can easily impart great cleaning tips you can apply to your home. You will be surprised at how easy life can be around your home when you follow these tips.

In the kitchen

If you are trying to get rid of the odd garlic smell in your hands, rub your palms on your stainless steel sink before washing with soap and water. Fingerprints on stainless steel appliances can be removed using baby oil.

According to cleaning services in Charlotte NC, if your stainless steel sink looks old and dull, soak it in water 2 pieces of denture-cleaning tablets. Allow to soak overnight before washing with soap and water in the morning.

Cleaning the microwave oven is easy, maid services in Charlotte NC will tell you. Simply microwave a cup of water with 4 tablespoons of lemon juice for 5 minutes. Carefully wipe the insides with a soft cloth; be careful about the hot steam.

In the bedroom

Dust mites and dead skin cells can accumulate along the crevices and pipings in your beds and furniture; get rid of these by thoroughly vacuuming these areas. Silverfish is a nuisance inside drawers and closets; get rid of these by putting whole cloves inside.

Maid services in Charlotte NC can help you thoroughly clean bathrooms to get rid of unsightly spots, darkened grout, and stuck dirt.

In the bathroom

Pour the contents of a bottle of soda inside the toilet bowl; allow to stand overnight to remove lime scale and stuck dirt. As for the shower curtains, simply add them to your load of white towels in the washing machine, pouring in some bleach. You do not have to use the dryer; simply hang them back in their hooks in the bathroom to drip dry.

Regularly rub a bar of dry soap unto bathroom mirrors before rubbing with a dry cloth; this can help stop steaming up.

In the living room

Wilted flowers in the vase in your living room can still be revived using a teaspoon of mild detergent; though this is, technically, not a cleaning tip, a home with fresh flowers looks cleaner and much brighter.

For homes with pets, pass a squeegee on the carpets and floors to remove stuck hair. You might be surprised at the amount of hair you can collect from the carpets.

On pure wool carpets with furniture indentations, place a tea towel on the spot and press using warm iron to lift out the fibers. House cleaning in Charlotte NC can also assist you in keeping the carpets and floors clean.

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