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Charlotte housekeeper uses green cleaning

Our home has dangers that we are not aware of that green cleaning can fix.  There is actually more pollution inside your house than outside your home. I know this sounds shocking, but it’s true.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, there is 100 times more pollution inside your home. Most of this pollution is due to the contents of our cleaning products. Read the labels of the cleaning products you are using so you understand what you are being exposed to.

What is green cleaning?

Green cleaning refers to using cleaning products and cleaning methods that have environmentally friendly ingredients. These products are created to protect and preserve human health and also the quality of the environment. Green cleaning products avoid using chemically reactive and toxic materials. Sometimes green cleaning is called “green” or “eco-friendly.”  There are even green cleaning supplies, such as microfibers used in Charlotte house cleaning.  Just water alone and a quality microfiber cloth can eliminate over 99% of bacteria from hard surfaces.

Some Charlotte maids have a color coded system and use different colored micro-fiber clothes for each room of the house and type of cleaning task.  To learn more about green cleaning, make sure your maid is a green cleaner.

Some green cleaning products also carry a DfE label. DfE stands for design for the environment. Products that are labeled low or zero VOC are safer for humans and animals and much safer for the environment.

What are the effects of my maid using regular cleaning products in my home?

There are long term effects of using toxic cleaning products. Diseases, including cancer, have been traced to long term use of toxic products. Respiratory, neurological and reproductive diseases are some of the ones linked to non- green cleaning. Also- if swallowed- some products can cause death. Some products can cause dizziness, headaches and memory loss.

What common cleaning products are harmful

  • Anti-bacterial cleaners
  • Furniture cleaners
  • Furniture and metal polishes
  • Bleach cleaners
  • Stain removers
  • Air fresheners
  • Disinfectants

Also, products that have harmful chemicals listed on the label, especially those that say “warning,” or “danger” on the label- or have strong warnings for what to do if the product is not used correctly.

Eco-friendly, Green cleaning items are bio-degradable, recyclable and have low phosphorus levels. Many green cleaning items can be ingested and not harm people or animals.

Find a Charlotte house cleaner that green cleans

To avoid the many toxins in cleaning products, find a Charlotte house cleaning service that uses green cleaning. It is a popular trend now, but trendy as it is, it’s safer for your family to have a Charlotte maid that uses green cleaning. Use the eco-friendly, green cleaning at Charlotte house cleaners such as Gloria M Cleaning in Charlotte and Kannapolis. They will keep your house clean and safe for you and your family.


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