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Get spring-cleaning out of the way

Springtime and warm weather means fresh air, longer days, more social interaction; once we get the spring cleaning done. Spring cleaning is our best weapon when it comes to organizing and de-cluttering our homes. However, some of us are not so great at spring cleaning and organizing. For those of us who are not, consider hiring a professional cleaning service.

Everyone loves to have a clean and organized home, garage, or office, but may be too busy to follow through or make it happen. This article will share some green cleaning tips that will lead you and your family towards a safer and a more informed lifestyle that reduces your environmental impact, and that will save you money that is normally spent on expensive chemical cleaners. Hopefully, after you have finished your spring cleaning project this year, you can start the summer season off with a clean home and a clear conscience.

Green cleaning is just as intense

As we touched on before, making the conversion to green cleaning and maintenance of your home is important because it is better for our health, our environment, and even the economy. We cannot return to the mistakes of the past when we ignored the importance of cleaner air and leaving the world a healthier place for future generations. We must warn you that going green for spring cleaning is no less intensive and thorough.

Be sure to create a realistic schedule, keeping in mind that you are highly unlikely to finish all your spring cleaning in a single weekend; you will need several days for completion of all cleaning projects. It is better if you start with something as easy as cleaning out the junk drawers and relining the cabinet shelves with paper. Or you can start with high visibility projects such as cleaning major appliances like the stove or refrigerator. Either way, your visible success will be your inspiration and incentive to carry on until the task is done.

Safety is a priority

Just read the labels of any product you use for daily house cleaning, and you will realize why it is so important to use cleaning products that are less harmful for you and your family. It is also important that you practice safe habits when cleaning even if you have converted to green product. In addition to safer products, you will need special equipment such as safety goggles and rubber gloves to protect your eyes and skin.

Spring cleaning is highly rewarding, and once the last item has been crossed off your list, you and your family will have a sense of renewed pride and care for your home. Get everyone involved and provide an incentive to get the project completed, such as a dinner at a favorite restaurant or maybe a day at the beach. Whatever you decide, beyond the benefits of cleaning and reorganizing your home, safer and environmentally friendly cleaning habits are an invaluable bonus.

Professional spring cleaning services in Charlotte

Perhaps you require help with spring cleaning and organizing. Gloria M’s cleaning professionals are happy to help you take on any house cleaning project. They are so flexible when it comes to scheduling according to your needs. Call them today to set up a time and schedule to handle your spring cleaning project(s).


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