Environment-friendly janitorial services

Hiring janitorial services makes it easier for you to work on building your career or expanding your business, without worrying about the cleanliness and appearance of your office and clinic in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC. Schedule cleaning services during hours just before and after your office hours, to keep all jobs – yours and cleaners – efficient.

Considering that there are so many environmental concerns these days, it is important that you hire an environment-friendly commercial office cleaning company. Not only can you help save the planet, working spaces will be free from harsh, harmful chemicals as well. Cleaning materials should be made of ingredients that do not pollute the waters.

Using green cleaning materials

When looking for janitorial services, ask whether the company uses green cleaning materials. You will be surprised that many of these companies offer budget-friendly rates while also using environment-friendly stuff.

Even if you do not hire janitors, you can also clean up your work spaces using eco-friendly materials. The next time you go shopping; check on cleaning solutions that are marked as safe for the environment. A number of these come at around the same prices as regular cleaners.

DIY cleaning products

It is also possible to make your own cleaning supplies. Prepare some of these green cleaning solutions to try at home or in your office. The janitorial services often bring their own cleaning supplies but many are also open to using materials they had not tried before.

For your floors, use a solution made from 4 cups of white distilled vinegar in 4 gallons of water. You can opt to add a few drops of essential oils whose scent will permeate the air when the vinegar evaporates.

For tiles and countertops, you can use a mixture of 1 cup baking soda, 2 cups vinegar, and 4 cups water. Put the mixture on the sponge and scour the areas that needed cleaning. Your clinic or office in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC, can benefit from having cleaner tiles and counters.

If you notice sections that are prone to having molds and mildew, simply wipe these areas with a cloth damped with vinegar.

Hiring janitors

commercial cleaning services can easily do these menial tasks for you. It would be easier for you to focus on your job when the place you work in is clean and organized. Toxic fumes from harmful chemicals can be avoided by hiring green janitorial services.

Many clients choose companies who offer a wide range of services, including commercial stripping and waxing services. Often, these cleaning companies also offer maintenance services. Hiring such companies can make it easier for you to keep everything in your office in top shape.

You can trust Blue Ribbon Maintenance for janitorial services and all-around cleaning jobs in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC. Call them now for an appointment.


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