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More than just counters and floors

Green cleaning applies to much more than kitchen cabinets, sinks, and floors. Most families adopt green cleaning because they are concerned about their family being exposed to harmful chemicals. What better place to start than with your laundry? Green cleaning does not mean that is takes longer to do the job. Who wants to spend a beautiful summer day in the laundry room or standing over an ironing board? Hopefully, we can provide you with some safe and handy tips that will reduce the time you spend in the laundry room.

  1. Ironing can be such a time consuming chore. Who wants to stand over a hot iron when the temperature and humidity are at 90? Hang a bath towel in the laundry area and throw it in the dryer with the article that needs ironing. Set the dryer for a 10 minute cycle and be done with it. If the wrinkles are stubborn, Mist the item with water or place a damp wash cloth in the dryer.
  1. Shorten dry times in the dryer by placing a tennis ball or two into the dryer with the wet clothes.
  1. Do you have a pair of dress pants that cannot go through the dryer? Simply hang them upside down. The weight of the top of the pants will pull out most of the wrinkles.
  1. Hang a laundry bag in a designated area for those socks that always seem to show without a match. Eventually, all of your stray socks will be reunited with their mates.

What green cleaning article would be complete without mentioning the use of vinegar?

  1. Vinegar is an excellent product to keep your dark colored clothes from fading. Set your washer to the small load setting, add 2 cups of salt and 2 cups of white vinegar, agitate the water to diffuse the mixture, and then add the clothing. Run it through the wash cycle and then launder as usual.
  1. Vinegar also makes a wonderful fabric softener. Pour one cup into the fabric softener section of your washer and wash as normal. This can alleviate a common problem with commercial fabric softeners because vinegar also makes your towels more absorbent.
  1. Vinegar is also great for deodorizing your laundry.

One of Charlotte’s top green cleaning maid services

Gloria M’s cleaning service is committed to doing everything possible to minimize or prevent the health risks for clients that are truly concerned about the cleaning solutions, tools, equipment and the processes involved in cleaning their home or business. If you choose green cleaning services from Glenda M’s cleaning services, you can be certain that you and your family will be moving towards a safer and cleaner environment.


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