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Lemons are one of the most important weapons in the green cleaning in Charlotte NC arsenal. We all know lemons to be a versatile little fruit that grow on trees, and we use lemons mainly on or in our food as a savory ingredient. However, the best Charlotte house cleaning services have long recognized that lemons have numerous other wonderful uses. We have put together a list of money and environment saving uses for the estimable lemon and its juice. We are hopeful that you can find one or more of these suggestions to be useful for you and your family. The whole world is a chemistry laboratory, and the acid in lemons has wonderful antiseptic properties. Beyond that, the fruit has a notably fresh scent, making it a natural solution for many of your household chores. You can save money by using the lemon and its juice to replace costly cleaning products. Consider the following tips and suggestions:

  1. Remove perspiration and stains from white clothing – Add half a cup of lemon juice to a load of white laundry, and then let the clothes dry in the sun.
  2. Air freshener for your vacuum cleaner – Add a few drops of lemon oil next time you change bags or clean the dust cup. You’ll notice the difference right away.
  3. Freshen a vaporizer/humidifier – The damp environment of a humidifier is a veritable petri dish for molds and mildew. To prevent the sour smell, pour a few tablespoons of strained lemon juice into the water. Repeat this weekly if the humidifier is used every day.
  4. Home-made potpourri – Place thin slices of lemons and oranges; combined with rosemary, mint, and rose petals on a large cookie sheet. When the mixture is dry, add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil, then place in potpourri dishes.
  5. Clean copper and brass – Rub copper pots with a half lemon and some salt, rinse and dry. To clean solid brass, apply a paste of lemon juice and salt or baking soda Do not try this with brass plated items. Let it sit for five minutes, and then rinse the pieces in warm water. Dry and buff to a shine with a soft cloth.
  6. Polish woodwork – For vanished wood, add a few drops of lemon to half a cup of warm water. Spray the mixture onto a slightly damp cotton cloth and wipe the furniture. If it is unvarnished, mix 2 teaspoons of olive oil and lemon juice. Apply to a soft cotton cloth and wipe the furniture evenly.
  7. Remove soap scum in the bathroom – Soak lemon juice on a sponge and wipe down shower doors to remove soap scum. Make chrome faucets gleam by rubbing them with the rind of a lemon.
  8. Remove fishy odors from your hands – If your hands smell a bit fishy after cooking or cleaning fish, wash your hands with the squeeze of a lemon and then wash with hand soap.
  9. Deodorize your garbage disposal – Freshen up your garbage disposal once a month by running through discarded lemon peels for a lemon-fresh scent.
  10. Remove rust – Mix 1-part lemon juice with 2-parts of salt to make a rust removing paste.

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