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Green cleaning for our Charlotte commercial cleaning services

A few days ago I was asked why my company, Blue Ribbon Maintenance, uses Green Cleaning. We started Green Cleaning about eight years ago, before it was even very popular. As my team and I cleaned offices and other commercial cleaning, we were upset with how harsh the products are for these janitorial services. The cleaning products made me cough and feel funny after breathing the cleaning products while I cleaned.

Visiting a janitorial cleaning products store

I went to my local janitorial cleaning products store and explained the problem. I asked what solutions are available that will clean commercial buildings and clean office buildings without the harm of strong chemicals- ones that my team and I breathe while cleaning, and harsh smells that we leave after the commercial cleaning services are done.

Going Green with Green Cleaning in our commercial office cleanings

Blue Ribbon Maintenance then decided to “go Green.”  These cleaning products are all plant based. We changed all of our products to green to make a healthier environment for the offices and medical offices we clean for, along with making our planet safer too.

Benefits of Green Cleaning

  • Healthier office environment:  chemicals absorb into the skin and can be breathed in. The office environment is safer and healthier with green cleaning. Green cleaning will help office workers and our janitorial service avoid allergies, and even asthma and lung disease
  • Purer environment:  when we use Green Cleaning, harmful chemicals are not released into the environment or lingering in the air. Green cleaning reduces pollution to the waterways and the air. It minimizes the ozone depletion and global climate change.
  • Safer products:  Green cleaning won’t burn skin and are not corrosive.
  • Better knowledge of ingredients:  you know exactly what is in each cleaning product with Green Cleaning.

So many janitorial and office cleaning services are starting to embrace the green cleaning now. It’s best for everyone, instead of using harsh chemicals that make the commercial cleaning crew sick along with leaving the harsh smell in the offices.

Green cleaning is here to stay. The harsh chemicals create a sick building- as all the chemicals compound over time.  Green cleaning includes waxes, striper, window cleaning and disinfectants.  Ask your current commercial cleaning services if they do green cleaning. If not, then contact Blue Ribbon Maintenance today, to begin your commercial cleaning services with us and have a healthier life and healthier office environment.


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