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House cleaning services Charlotte NC

House cleaning in Charlotte NC offers you excellent tips to help de-clutter your home, no matter how big or small it might be. One of the best tips we found on the web so far is to schedule a mini-spring cleaning for one part of the house per week. For example, for the first week of the month, you can focus on the living room, foyer, and porch or balcony areas. The next week can be devoted to the dining room and kitchen while the third week is for the bedrooms. You can allocate the last week to the outside portions of your home, including walls, yards, and the roof.

De-cluttering common areas

Cleaning services in Charlotte NC can regularly keep these areas tidy but there are also plenty of easy ways for you to de-clutter these spaces on your own. When shopping for furniture, make sure to buy items that could serve other functions, including ottomans and benches that could also offer storage spaces to hide unsightly items that you do not use often.

Create a remote stand or place a box close to your electronic appliances to store these items so you won’t have to constantly have to deal with various remotes cluttering the couch. De-clutter the coffee table by adding magazine racks in the living room.

De-cluttering kitchens and dining areas

Make sure to have ample dividers and shelves in kitchen cabinets and pantries to organize your items. Buy magnetic spice containers so you can simply stick them at the sides of the fridge. Organize cords using tie/twist wires or toilet paper rolls. Rectangular plastic baskets are great options for organizing your fridge and pantry. Ask house cleaning in Charlotte NC to help organize your kitchen and dining spots.

De-cluttering personal spaces

Buy furniture with extra storage spaces; these make a great addition to your bedrooms. When storing linens, fold sheets and blankets properly, then, place them inside matching pillow cases so you would have to dig around for the correct pairs.

Let maid services in Charlotte NC thoroughly clean those hard-to-reach areas under the bed or sort out items in the closet for better organization. You can also add dividers inside closets for more organized spaces.

Use wire hangers offset with aluminum soda can tabs to add more space to your closet. Dividers can be organized using boxes or small, plastic trays.When you are doing the house cleaning in Charlotte NC, you can also try to throw away, sell, or donate as much unused items around the home, especially stuff you haven’t used for years.

De-cluttering outside spaces

Trim large branches off trees, especially those that could potentially be hazardous. Depending on how large your yard might be, you probably need help de-cluttering your yard. For help in house cleaning in Charlotte NC, call Gloria M’s Cleaning Service now.


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