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Is your kitchen as clean as you think?

When it comes to house cleaning, some items look great on the surface, but if you look closer, it may not be the sparkling project that you believe it to be. Have you ever gone to a sparkling, shiny microwave to heat some water, and when you opened the door, you discover that someone left food splatter all over the inside. Our homes are full of blind spots that we will never really recognize until we do our deep cleaning in the spring or in the fall. One such area is in and around your kitchen stove. Every day, we wipe down the controls and the top of the unit until it glistens. Once a month we clean the oven and the racks, and our stove looks like the centerpiece of the kitchen.

The forgotten area

The next time you have some time, pull your stove out. The first thing you might notice is a buildup of greasy slime that has dripped down the sides of the range unit. This is old, rancid grease and food. Now you will understand why there are times when your kitchen has some sort of “stale” odor, even after you have just cleaned it. Sometimes, the fragrance in all purpose cleaners will be strong enough to convince you that you are working in a sanitized and sterile environment. Now take a look at the amount of food and grease that is on the sides of the cabinets and that is on the floor under the stove.

Tackling the rancid grease

Cleaning up that old, dried, rancid grease can be a challenge. Over time, the grease will harden to the point you can only remove it with a green scotch pad. You will need to use a quality de-greaser and perhaps allow the surfaces to soak by spraying them with degreaser. It may take a few times of spraying, scrubbing, and wiping before you get it all clean. House cleaning is not the most fun thing to do and cleaning grease and scum from around your stove is probably pretty disgusting, but it has to be done. If you do not have the stomach or the strength for this project, perhaps you can consider calling in a professional housekeeping service to help you get caught up with all the hidden or forgotten areas in your home.

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