Cleaning house can often feel like an uphill battle

House cleaning services in Charlotte NC

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House cleaning services can help Kannapolis, NC residents maintain a clean home while them saving time. Cleaning house can often feel like an uphill battle for many residents. Keeping up with kids’ activities, as well as with all your commitments, not to mention balancing your workload, can leave people exhausted and cleaning relegated to the back burner. Let Gloria M’s Cleaning Services help. We can take cleaning house off your chore list for you, giving you more time back into your day.

Our house cleaning services entail a variety of services

Whether you just need light cleaning or a more in depth cleaning, we can offer services that fit the bill. For lighter cleaning, we could dust and vacuum or home. We can even sweep out your kitchen and wipe down counters, leaving them sanitized and free of smudges.

We also offer services that clean items you may not always think of. Everyone gets the itch to spring clean, but imagine a house that is cleaned that carefully all the time. Our house cleaning services include deeper level cleaning such as cleaning baseboards in your home, wiping down appliances such as ovens and refrigerators in the kitchen, and even, dusting ceiling fans. Consider cleaning your carpets to give your room a refresh and remove allergens, stains, and more from your floor.

We work to find the right schedule for you

We understand not everyone will need to utilize our house cleaning services every week. Some people may prefer we come tidy their homes biweekly or even once a month. But if you do want us to come clean every week, we definitely can. We’ll work with you to set up a cleaning schedule that works for your schedule and fits your needs. Plus, we’ll only clean the rooms you want us to, and nothing you don’t.

Green cleaning helps reduce chemicals

Our house cleaning services utilize green cleaning techniques to not only leave your home spotless but to also help reduce the use of chemicals in your home and reduce waste. Using microfiber cloths to reduce the amount of waste we create and cleaners with ingredients that don’t include harmful chemicals, you don’t need to worry about toxic chemicals getting into the hands of kids or onto the paws of pets.

House cleaning services in Kannapolis, NC

Kannapolis, NC residents who are considering house cleaning services to help remove cleaning from their daily chore list should contact Gloria M’s Cleaning Services. We take great pride in leaving our customers 100 percent satisfied and offer a free week trial. Contact us today to learn more about our house cleaning services and how we can help you.


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