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Problematic household odors

Even with impeccable house cleaning, household odors can be a pesky problem. There are so many types of materials in the modern home, combined with keeping the doors and window closed for air conditioning, air in our homes can get stagnant and stale. This is particularly true if the home is older and has a lot of stuff. Clearing out some of the clutter and giving your home a chance to breathe is a great way to get nice aromatic smells coming in.

There is always the old fashioned way to make a difference, air out your home by opening windows. This is somewhat effective in letting in fresh air and letting out the stale smells. Maintaining fresh air and smells in your home means consistently providing proper airflow. Use simple logic to attack the problem by looking around your home and finding areas that tend to attract odors. Here is a hint; you probably already know the problem areas of your home in general. The following are just a couple of ideas to help you add to your odor-fighting arsenal.

Fabric softener sheets

Placing a dryer sheet in strategic closets, storage areas, and drawers will keep the items stored within fresh smelling. Whenever you open these doors or drawers, you will be pleasantly energized by clean-scented aromas instead of stale-smelling odors.

Used dryer sheets are still effective when heat or movement is applied to them. Placing them in a vacuum cleaner bag allows it to share a pleasant aroma while you are vacuuming your home. Instead of that old musty smell that usually comes from your vacuum, you can choose a laundry fresh scent.

Used dryer sheets are also a great way to provide a fresh scent in your bedroom. Simply tuck the old dryer sheet inside your pillowcase. Tucking a new dryer sheet in a hidden corner will provide a subtle and pleasant aroma for you and your guests.

Eliminate pet odors

The shedding of fur and dander that is natural for all animals can be a source of stale odors in the home. Pet accidents in the carpet or on furnishings are another way they add unpleasant odors in a home. Carpets and furniture will require a thorough cleaning in order to remove pet odors and return a fresh, clean smell to your home. It is also important to choose a strategic location for litter boxes. They should be placed in an area where the airflow cannot carry litter box odors to other parts of your home. There are numerous products for litter boxes that are designed to reduce the presence of lingering odors. Being vigilant about frequent cleaning of the litter tray is crucial.

One of the top house cleaning services in Charlotte, NC

Every home is unique, and that is why Gloria M’s Cleaning Services are customized to meet your cleaning and housekeeping needs. They offer free in-home consultations in an effort to understand your expectations for your household cleaning. Gloria M’s Cleaning Services offers flexibility in the frequency of home cleanings, and options for “green” cleaning services upon request. Keeping your special considerations and your budget in mind, they provide consistent and dependable housecleaning services around your needs. We hope you can find the right service for your home, by understanding the difference between house cleaning services and maid services. If you are looking for help with house cleaning, call Gloria M’s for a consultation and pricing. We look forward to hearing from you and answering your house cleaning questions.


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