Efficient house cleaning tips in Charlotte NC

An organized and clean living room taken care by cleaning services in Charlotte NC

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Efficient house cleaning tips in Charlotte NC

House cleaning in Charlotte NC can be easy and efficient, whether you do it on your own or hire someone to do it for you. We have rounded up some nice tips for you to follow so you can clean your home efficiently.

Scheduling regular tasks

The easiest way to clean your home is to make sure it is clean at all times. Regular cleaning ensures that you do not have a hard time cleaning up. To achieve this, make it a habit to clean up after yourself, after each task that you do.

This one is a good rule to follow: if a task only takes 5 minutes for you to complete, then do it right away. Once this is engrained into your system, everything else falls into place.

Teach the kids and housemates to help

Whether you are living with your family or with friends, cleaning services Charlotte NC advises that you teach your housemates how to help around the house. Go back to the first rule of scheduling tasks. It would actually be easier to get tasks done because there are more hands to help.

Clean from top to bottom

If you do it the other way around, you will end up re-doing the cleaning of the lower portion, such as the floor. For great efficiency, clean out the top shelves, the ceilings, and upper fixtures first. Continue with the middle and end with the bottom.

Do the easiest tasks first

This goes for those who want to see a lot of progress to motivate them to work more. Though you can ask help from maid services in Charlotte NC for more difficult tasks, there is always this wonderful feeling of having achieved a lot of things that makes you want to work more to feel that satisfaction again.

To do this, place a box in the middle of the room to serve as ‘catch all’ for the items that need to be sorted out for later. This way, you can quickly clear out and clean shelves or cabinets across the room. Afterwards, you could now sort out the items in the box and return them to their proper spots on the display cabinets or donate them to others.

House cleaning in Charlotte NC can also give you more tips in how to best clean each portion of the house.

Other great tips from cleaning services

Do make use of cleaning materials that are well suited for the places you are cleaning. Efficient cleaning is not just cleaning thoroughly but also doing it the right way. You do not want your glass or wood cabinets to be damaged by the cleaning materials you use. You can also consult house cleaning in Charlotte NC on what materials to best use for your home.

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What is green cleaning in Charlotte?

green cleaning in Charlotte

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Spring is in the air and many homes are getting ready to de-clutter, dust and mop their houses. Why not change things up and make this spring’s general cleaning environmentally-friendly?

With the obvious changes in our climate, more and more people are now making an effort to promote and practice green living. This kind of lifestyle, which is also called sustainable living, is all about reducing one’s carbon footprint by making small changes in one’s life such as using transportation methods that are environmentally-friendly, reducing energy consumption, using green products and supporting businesses that are big supporters of the green movement.

Individuals can join the movement by simply starting at home. One way is to shift to green cleaning at home. There are various degrees that homes can take the goal of green cleaning, but the main goal is to use products and methods that are environmentally-friendly.

Green Cleaning At Home

There many ways to implement green cleaning in your home. Here are some solutions and methods that you can use:

  1. The easiest way to start green cleaning at home is to practice recycling. This is a very good start when it comes to reducing waste and promoting sustainability.
  2. There are some homes that whip up their own nature-friendly solution at home that are perfect for cleaning surfaces and keeping the home smelling good and germ-free. This contains only three ingredients: baking soda, vinegar and lemon.
  3. Another option is to buy manufactured green cleaning products that are free of phosphates, chlorine, artificial fragrances and artificial coloring. Take it further by looking for products that come in recycled packaging. There are also some manufacturers that donate part of their sales to environmental causes.
  4. Finally, support businesses that promote environmentally-friendly products and services. Gloria M’s Cleaning offers home cleaning services in North Carolina and surrounding areas. They use green cleaning solutions and methods as their contribution in the green revolution.

Green cleaning is just one way to practice sustainable living. There are many more ways you can explore to contribute to the movement towards the shift to environmentally-friendly products and methods.


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House Cleaning Tips for your toilet


House Cleaning Tips

The blog for Gloria M’s cleaning is meant to be educational and informative. We will do blogs according to what the people ask of us. So please email us @ rohan@gloriamscleaning.com  and we will know better what to post articles on for you. I am looking forward to keeping the public fead well with food for thought.House cleaning tips from Gloria's M Cleaning

Ring around the toilet

Quite a few of my clients have expressed concerns as to why some of the toilets that they don’t use regularly look so bad. It looks like what I would call a “Science project.

There is a really quick fix for this. First any toilet that not used often- your should leave the lid open. I know many of us automatically close them. The reason for this that the toilet is not breathing so to speak. Air must get in the toilet to keep bacteria and germs from growing.

Also clean that toilet at least once a month, even if you don’t use it,  to keep germs and bacteria from growing. One thing you should never do is put the block in the toilet to help clean them. For over time they are prone to erode the flushing parts of a toilet.


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