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Have you ever thought about calling one of the best Charlotte house cleaning services because your stainless steel appliances just never stay clean? Years ago, you rarely found stainless steel in residential homes. However, eventually, homeowners discovered what restaurateurs already knew, that stainless steel was an excellent surface because of its ability to be a clean surface that resists corrosion and rust. Once homeowners have had some experience with stainless steel in their home, they know that it responds well to cleaning, as long as certain rules are followed. There are actually different levels of cleaning for stainless steel; you want to start with basic cleaning, and work your way up as needed. Consider the following guidelines for keeping your stainless looking new and shiny.

Water and cloth

The least risky and most affordable method for routine cleaning of stainless can be accomplished by using warm water and a soft cloth. Believe it or not, plain water works to clean in most situations. Dry the surface with a towel or cloth to prevent water spotting. Wiping with a dry towel is important because minerals in water can leave spots on stainless steel. Microfiber cleaning cloths are probably your best option for removing water when cleaning stainless steel because they are so absorbent.

Mild detergent and cloth

If you need a surfactant to loosen hardened particles or for more thorough cleaning needs, mild detergent and warm water can do a great job without etching or damaging your stainless steel. A drop or two of mild dish detergent in warm water is usually all you need to get tougher dirt off of stainless steel surfaces. You can either use a small sink of warm water with dishwashing detergent, or you can simply add a drop of dish soap on a cloth. Add warm water to the cloth and rub down the dirty area. Make sure that you thoroughly rinse the surface to prevent staining and spotting. Just as with plain water, towel dry to prevent water spots.

Basic glass cleaner for fingerprints

Fingerprints are the single most complaint about stainless steel by homeowners. This can easily be remedied by using glass cleaner or household ammonia. No matter which product you use, spray the cleaner on a microfiber cloth; and wipe the stainless steel gently in a circular motion to remove the finger prints. Repeat as necessary. Rinse the surface thoroughly and towel dry.

Stainless steel cleaner and polish

If your stainless is marred by stains or scratches, or has lost its sheen over time; you will need to polish your stainless steel. Most commercial stainless steel cleaners and polishes can help minimize scratching and remove stains. Read the directions on the container and it is very important that you first test the cleaner in an inconspicuous spot.

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