A medical office is a place where people go to have themselves checked for illnesses or go through procedures that require a clean, germ-free environment. Keeping a medical office sanitized is not only to make patients feel comfortable inside, but also essential in preventing the spread of of Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs).

Medical office cleaning, also known as Aseptic Cleaning, is different from cleaning other establishments. Cleaning personnel require proper education and training on cleaning and disinfection protocols as well as the use of advanced protective equipment to make sure that all areas are sanitized and that the cleaners are safe from infectious microorganisms that could be present in surfaces. Moreover, medical office cleaners use EPA-approved, hospital-grade products. This is why medical offices must hire an expert cleaning service that are knowledgeable about medical office cleaning.

Blue Ribbon Maintenance is a Kannapolis-based leading commercial cleaning and facility maintenance service provider for business in North Carolina and surrounding areas. Their expertise is commercial cleaning services, but they also offer commercial cleaning services, office cleaning, janitorial services and maintenance. Their services include window cleaning, carpet cleaning, striping/waxing of floors, emptying trash, vacuuming, mopping and disinfection among many others.

Medical offices are high-risk environments since people are prone to exposure to microorganisms. To avoid contamination, trust only the best medical office cleaning service in North Carolina!


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