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Home cleaning by renowned Charlotte maid services help improve household health

There are plenty of ways to obtain optimum wellness for your family and one of this is the expertise of Charlotte maid services in cleaning your homes. You might be thinking how a simple house cleaning service can better your health? Good point. Maid services free your homes from dust and allergens that populate the air you breathe. By thoroughly cleaning the walls, ceiling, fans, floors and everything else, these unseen microorganisms are eliminated, thereby improving overall health and wellness of the household.

While domestic services are scheduled appointments, the need to keep indoor air quality goes far after their visit. To keep the lasting air quality in your homes, here are some tips from Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC maid services provider.

Keep the allergens away

Most air pollutants are dust mites and pet dander transported to and from your homes by your visitors. You might not have pets but pet dander must have been carried to your homes by a relative who is or a colleague who happens to drop by a pet store. Either way, you cannot get away with the fact that these allergens are inside your homes, triggering asthma within the family.

Get rid of this by vacuuming your floors regularly with HEPA filtration system and a suction that ensures nothing is left behind. This also lowers the lead levels and toxins in your homes. After vacuuming, rid your floors of the remaining dust with a mop. A mop traps whatever is left behind by your vacuum and leaves the floor looking and smelling fresh.

Do not allow smoking indoors

Whether in or out, we all know that smoking is of no good to anybody, not to the smoker and definitely not to the people around. By allowing anyone to fire up a cigar inside your home, you are creating a pit of death to your family. The walls trap the dangerous chemicals omitted by the smoker, making it harder to get rid of even after a few cleaning.

Secondhand smoke has been found to be a major cause of cancer, respiratory infections and asthma. Better kick the smokers out of your home before it kicks the life out of your family.

Humidify your homes

Fact: moisture increases molds and allergens. Keep them under control by using air conditioner during summer and controlling humidity during the cold winter season. It is also essential to open windows when cooking, showering and washing the dishes to reduce air moisture and allow a flow of natural air in.

While these organisms seem useless because they are unseen, we cannot deny the fact that indoor air quality affects the health of every family in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC. Maid services help improve the air circulating in your homes to give your family a healthier living quarter.

For all your cleaning needs, contact Gloria M’s Cleaning Services, the best one in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC. Their trained staff knows how to properly deal with dirt, scum and dust in your homes. Contact them or try their hassle-free online booking to avail of their maid services now.


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