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Charlotte maid services eliminate unseen dirt

Maid services provide deep cleaning and organizing to Charlotte homeowners. While you are comfortable with how tidy your house might be, unseen microbial infestation, dust and soot penetrate deep in the corners of your home. They hide in your baseboards, under the bed, the corners of your fridge and even in your carpet. Unknowingly, these may cause coughs, colds, allergies and other diseases, putting the health of your family at risk. By hiring professional cleaning services, you allow your home to be scrubbed off the germs and the deepest dirt.

How germs enter your homes

Bacterial contamination starts from you, the transmitter of germs. Your exposure to disease-causing germs is the start of the cross-contamination process. You carry the germs across places and bring them into your home. They breed into every surface of your funiture if you do not disinfect your homes properly. Yes, this is as gruesome as it can get. However, you can stop these from populating every room in your home by hiring well trained maid services provider.

Cleaning versus disinfecting

You might have been cleaning all day but that does not guarantee that you have disinfected your homes. Cleaning is what you do when you wipe counter tops, floors and bathroom tiles with water and soap. It is merely keeping the area presentable and free from visible stains and clutter. On the other hand, maid services do not only clean the surface but disinfects it with the use of bleaching agents. Chlorine bleach has been found to be effective in killing germs such as E.coli, salmonella and listeria. These are known to be present in your kitchen and may cause different diseases including those related to digestion.

Keeping your homes healthy

Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC might be looming with germs but you can free your mind from worrying about this when you reach your homes. First thing to do upon arriving is to wash and sanitize your hands to prevent you from spreading unwanted diseases. Ensure that you wipe your kitchen counters, floors and bathroom tiles with bleach and water. Do not be satisfied with wiping but scrub the surfaces every now and then. Aside from germ infestation, one thing that causes sickness among the family is the dust that resides in the unseen areas of your homes. Vacuum the areas under your furnitures and dust the appliances from time to time to eliminate the possibility of having respiratory conditions.

Hire the best maid services in Charlotte

Because you barely have time to squeeze deep cleaning in your schedule, hire someone to do it for you. Maid services in Charlotte and Kannapolis can help you eliminate germs and dust while you entertain yourself with other things. Leave your household chores to Gloria M’s Cleaning Services with hassle free online booking and give your family a healthier place to live in.


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