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Is your office really clean?

This article is for those business managers and owners who do not believe that janitorial services can improve your business. We all agree that when a prospective customer walks into your business, it should look and feel clean. The truth is that many businesses will lose revenue, or create a negative perception to the public because their facility looks dirty.

The true cost of maintenance and office cleaning

The reason for this is because businesses that are concerned with keeping costs down; make maintenance and cleaning some of the first expenditures cut in an effort to control operating costs. Eventually, dust bunnies in the building start to outnumber your employees, floors that used to be shiny become grungy, carpets start to get filled with all kinds of stains and traffic patterns, and toilets that were once shiny are now… indescribable. If you have not hired a professional cleaning service for your office, it is easy to underestimate its benefits. Consider the following reasons why you should hire an office cleaning service today:

Make a good impression

If your office is dirty or disorganized, people easily take notice. Sales and business transactions are as much about the first impression as they are about your ability to provide the service or product. When a potential client walks into a dirty facility, this creates a negative image that will stay with them, especially if they walk into the clean and organized facility of your competitors. That is just one less thing that you have to worry about when your office is always spotless, because your professional cleaning service took care of the dirty work.

Employees stay healthy

Do your employees call in sick on a regular basis, or does it seem like there is some kind of bug constantly going around the office? Tight quarters and poor air circulation are a breeding ground for viruses. Sick employees can infect keyboards, phones, and desktops; starting a chain reaction that could potentially decrease productivity for days or weeks. With regular cleaning and sanitizing, your employees have a better chance of staying healthy, and healthy employees are more efficient. In other words, a professional cleaning service can help keep sickness down to a minimum.

Save Time and Money

Business is so competitive that every moment counts. In fact, technology makes it seem as if there is never enough time to get everything done. The best janitorial services in Charlotte takes care of all the cleaning so that you will never have to stay late to clean up, or ask employees to put off important tasks so that they can clean or vacuum. Cleaning isn’t only undesirable as far as your employees are concerned, for untrained individuals, it is very time consuming. It gets expensive when you are paying your employees to clean the office. Save your company time and money by outsourcing the cleaning tasks.

Get the job done properly

A professional janitorial service will have the proper equipment and supplies to effectively handle any mess. If you do not know about cleaning supplies or chemicals, it is a realistic possibility that you can damage valuable office furniture and equipment. If you want the job done right, leave it to the Charlotte cleaning service professionals.

One of the best professional janitorial services in Charlotte, NC

Every business environment is unique, and that is why Gloria M’s Cleaning Services assess your needs and provide the appropriate service for your commercial enterprise. They offer free consultations in an effort to understand your expectations for your business. Gloria M’s Cleaning Services offers flexibility in the frequency and intensity of office cleanings, including options for “green” cleaning services. Keeping your special considerations and your budget in mind, they provide consistent and dependable Janitorial services every week of the year.


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